IDA Entrepreneurs

IDA Entrepreneurs is a nationwide society. Our working scope is activities for self-employed persons including entrepreneurs and free agents.

Each year the society arranges a number of conferences, courses, lectures, study trips and study groups focusing on the field of self-employment. You can join a workshop on design thinking or take a course on personal management, webshops or bookkeeping. We also host introductory meetings about getting started with your own business. 

Finally, we work to position STEM professionals as free agents and entrepreneurs. 

Why you should join IDA Entrepreneurs:

  • You will be part of a strong professional network alongside others who share your interests.
  • You'll get tailored professional training and courses, competency development and inspiration.
  • You'll get a newsletter every two weeks about coming events and activities. 

These events provide our members with the opportunity to meet others with similar interests, as well as opportunities to keep up with and influence new developments within the field of self-employment.

You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay up to date on our activities and future events. 

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Questions or suggestions?

If you have questions or comments, please contact network coordinator Bente Hessellund Vedel by phone on 33 18 97 80 or email