IDA Energy

We are a nationwide technical network for those who work with or are interested in energy. We arrange meetings and courses where we delve into highly specialised topics within the energy field.

About IDA Energy

Every year, IDA Energy hosts a range of inspiring events, after-work meetings and conferences on such diverse topics as extraction, fuels, renewable energy, energy conversion plants, energy efficiency and much more.

We also cover the areas where environment, economy and politics intersect.

Join to get access to supplementary training and competency development, and the opportunity to keep up with and influence new developments within the field of energy through conferences, lectures, study trips, study groups, courses, etc.

IDA Energy has 3,400 network members across Denmark - and we are also looking forward to welcoming you.

Why you should join IDA Energy:

  • We expand our network and benefit from each other's knowledge
  • You will receive invitations to conferences, events, company visits and walk-home meetings about energy
  • You will be updated on the latest in energy via professional articles, videos, webinars and podcasts.

Board of Directors

The network was formed in January 2007, as a merger of Brændsels- og Energiteknisk Selskab and Olie-Gas-Gruppen.

Behind IDA Energy stands a strong board consisting of volunteer members who work to promote knowledge on energy-related topics. 

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