IDA Data Protection

IDA Data Protection is IDAs newest professional network, focusing on practical and short webinars about what you can do to better protect privacy and security around your data, both in your professional and personal life.

Our members are engineers, IT security professionals, UX professionals, lawyers, economists, educators and techno-anthropologists, which is why we strive to give you concrete advice and guidance from different professional angles but rooted in the reality of your everyday life. So why not join IDA Data Protection?

What issues will be addressed?

Data protection is a very broad topic, and in this network, we see the power to organize events within in a wide range of topics. We look at everything from privacy settings on mobile phones to how to secure data in professional contexts. Some topics will be more technically, while others will be targeted a wider audience.

What can you expect from IDA Data Protection?

IDA Data Protection will arrange short and practical one-hour webinars in three categories:

  • What is: Introduction to data protection issues that affect most people
  • How to: Hands-on webinars on how to stay act on data security in your professional as well as your personal life
  • What now: Panel discussions on topical issues and practical application in a wider perspective

Who is IDA Data Protection relevant to?

IDA Data Protection is for all everyone with an interest in data security. You don't have to work directly with data security, you only need to find the topic interesting. Data Protection is something that is relevant to everyone in today's modern online world and the changes we have seen in the 2020 society only makes the subject even more relevant.