IDA Building Physics

IDA Building Physics works to further the knowledge of constructional physics in all stages of construction - from research to execution.

About IDA Building Physics

IDA Building Physics was established in 2001 and works interdisciplinary to spread knowledge of building physics at all levels within construction, from research to execution.

We particularly focus on moisture problems and climate control. The big question is which mechanisms cause damage and how they can be avoided. We deal with the scientific and technical development, so that building physical connections are described and documented.

We are approx. 1,000 members consisting of i.a. engineers, architects and constructors.

Through walk-home meetings, visits to companies and construction sites, etc., we exchange experiences that lead to a greater focus on preventing or reducing damage in buildings.

Why you should join IDA Building Physics:

  • We meet and exchange experiences and solutions to problems
  • Join us on exciting visits to construction sites and companies
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  • If you want to hear more, contact network coordinator Mette Holck at


  • IDA member: Free
  • Company membership: DKK 1,200 per year
  • Not an IDA member: DKK 500 per year

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