IDA Automotive

IDA Automotive works to promote knowledge of scientific and technical developments in automotive engineering and motor traffic.

About IDA Automotive

Our activities are connected to the automotive and traffic field ranging from technical and financial issues to traffic safety and pollution.

Within the society we exchange research and development results and engage in debate on e.g. traffic safety, the road grid and the environment through conferences, lectures, study trips and study groups.

IDA Automotive has more than 1,580 members - and we are also looking forward to welcoming you.

Why you should be a member of IDA Automotive:

  • You will have the opportunity to participate in lectures, conferences and excursions of high professional quality.
  • You will join a network that works with automotive engineering and traffic on a daily basis.
  • You will be updated on the latest new knowledge, e.g. through brand new publications.

Board of IDA Automotive

Behind IDA Automotive stands a strong board consisting of volunteer members who work to promote knowledge of automotive engineering and traffic.

If you want to hear more, or if you have an idea for an event, contact network coordinator Hanne Høy Kejser at

Price of membership

  • IDA member: For free
  • Company membership: DKK 800 per year
  • Not an IDA member: DKK 500 per year
  • Students, not IDA members: DKK 100 per year

Join network

All IDA members can join the different networks for free.

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