Henrik Føhns recommends: 6 podcasts for your summer holiday

Techtopia host, Henrik Føhns, is himself a big consumer of podcasts, whether it's about technology, music, social affairs or politics. Here are the 6 podcasts he is looking forward to listening to during the summer holidays.

When I listen to podcasts, it is both to keep myself informed in the world of technology and to be able to participate in the latest developments in my own podcast.

But it is at least as often to hear something completely different, to be surprised and to dive into new stories.

Here are 6 podcasts I'm looking forward to listening to (or returning to) during my summer vacation.

Please note that the first 4 podcasts are in English - but we also included 2 recommendations in Danish in case you understand Danish or you're up for a language challenge. 

Podcasts in English: 


Babbage is published by the British magazine The Economist, which has always been my favorite magazine. Babbage is their tech podcast, named after Charles Babbage who, together with Ada Lovelace, created the world's first computer.

Listen to Babbage

Game changers

The Economist also publishes Gamechangers. It can start with a bright idea or a sudden stroke of genius - but turning an idea into success requires many different things. That is the difference between invention and innovation. These six episodes tell about the people and stories behind ground-breaking ideas and technology.

Listen to Gamechangers

Self Orbits CERN

The British writer Will Self goes on a 50-kilometer walk, tracing the above-ground route of the Large Hadron Collider at Cern just outside Geneva, where he talks about particle physics, the meaning of life and nuclear physics.

Listen to Self Orbit's CERN

Public Infrastructure

Ethan Zuckerman is an American media researcher, blogger and internet activist whom I have met several times. He was director of the MIT Center for Civic Media, and associate professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT until May 2020, author and from 2020 associate professor of public policy, communication and information at the University of Massachusetts, where he co-publishes an excellent podcast about the Internet.

Listen to Public Infrastructure

Podcasts in Danish:


Verbos is by Kasper Junge, who is a data scientist. He has participated several times in Techtopia, where he has shared his vast knowledge of language models such as ChatGPT. Verbos is his own podcast, where people really geek out in depth. These are REAL experts and not just media people or consultants who know their way around AI.

Listen to Verbos

24 Questions for the Professor

The podcast with my old colleague Lone Frank, who has established herself as Denmark's leading science journalist. Her conversations with researchers are always insightful, instructive and sometimes surprising.

Listen to 24 questions for the professor