Henrik Føhns recommends: 3 podcasts for your summer holidays

Henrik Føhns is the host of IDA’s weekly tech podcast Techtopia (In Danish). He is a major consumer of podcasts, whether about technology, music, social issues or politics. Here are 3 podcasts he looks forward to listening to during the summer holidays.

When I listen to podcasts, it is to stay informed in the world of technology and to be able to keep up with the latest developments in my podcast.

But it is at least as often to learn about something completely different, to be surprised, and to dive into new narratives.

Here are three podcasts I look forward to exploring (or returning to) during my summer break.

The Readout Loud

The American biotech magazine STAT has an excellent podcast, which has been my go-to source of information about viruses and vaccines throughout the corona crisis. It is both nerdy and educational, and with the advantage that one can sound really smart at the dinner table after listening.

Listen to The Readout Loud (STAT)

The Economist

My favorite paper magazine has several excellent listening solutions, from reading aloud articles to real radio. They cover politics, economics, social conditions, tech and science. Another good input for impressing guests at this summer's barbecues.

Listen to The Economist

Soundman Confidential

Frank X Gallagher is an experienced guy who has been the sound engineer for a host of bands since the 1970s. He talks to old and new friends and discusses anecdotes and sound technique. In the podcast you will meet people from bands and solo artists like Talking Heads, B52s, Frank Zappa, David Bowie and more on a completely relaxed line. Sometimes excellent - other times journalistically unsuccessful, but often quite funny for a music nerd.

Listen to the Soundman Confidential