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Free employee organizational choice and the right of IDA to negotiate in the public sector

In addition to engineers, the IDA Board of Representatives has decided that several other study programs meet the criteria for admission to IDA.

IDA has the right to bargain on behalf of the vast majority of its members who are employed in the public sector, including those who have not graduated from traditional engineering programs. 

The right to bargain collectively can be assigned to IDA in two ways

  • Through the distribution of all academic programs agreed between the academic organizations.
  • Through the freedom of organization agreement, which IDA has with a few academic organizations (High School Teachers' Association, Medical Association, Djøf, Communication and Language and DM).

The programs for which IDA has the right to bargain include civil engineers, academic engineers, MSc. in computer engineering, technical engineers, professional master’s degree in engineering (MSc Eng.), export engineers, food engineers and food science graduates and human nutrition and meat technology graduates.

The programs for which IDA does not have the right to bargain include pharmacy, food and nutrition, architects, animal science, molecular biomedicine, natural resources (plants, environment, nature management, environmental economics), veterinary medicine, molecular biology, molecular medicine, agricultural economics, landscape architecture.

The exhaustive overview of the programs and which organization has the right to bargain collectively is attached as Appendix A to the public sector agreements.

This division of the right to collective bargain in the public sector does not apply equally in the private sector. However, special conditions may apply here, if there are business groups or academic clubs.

Freedom to choose organization

Get IDA’s and DM’s agreement on free organizational choice etc. 2013 

Circular on free organizational choice in the academic field 2015

IDA and the Danish Association of Architectural Technologists (Konstruktørforeningen) has made an agreement concerning the freedom to choose organization if you are a Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction (Bygningskonstruktør) with the master's degree cand.tech who is employed in the public sector. 

View agreement between IDA and the Danish Association of Architectural Technologists

OBS! The documents are in Danish.