The job interview

The job interview
For students and newly graduates. The job interview is more or less impossible to avoid if you want the job.

So you might aswell be aware of how to aproach it before they call you in.

You will be called to a job interview based on your professional qualifications, and now you have to convince the company that what the read in your material is also what the get – not only when it comes to professional skills, but most definitely when it comes to social and personal skills.
For many, the feeling of having to sell yourself can be challenging at the best, but there is no short cut. It is crucial, that you prepare before the job interview and in this workshop we will give you the tools for the different phases of the job interview.

The seminar will be facilitated by career advisers Mathilde Grav Johansen and Lene Wrang Nielsen, and it will be a mixture of theory and tools. There will also be opportunities to ask questions.

You will receive the link for the Skype-seminar the day before the seminar and on the same days as the seminar. Follow the instructions in the mail with the link and make sure that sound and picture is working.

If you have signed up for the seminar, but are unable to attend, please remember to cancel so someone else can get your online spot. If you don’t attend and haven’t cancelled, we will charge you with a no-show fee.

The seminar is one out of seven seminars targeted students, graduates and members who have completed their studies within two years.

The other seminars are:
Pinpoint your skills, June 11th, 9-11 am, 336725
How to make a great CV, June 16th, 9-11 am, 336726
Cover letter - do’s and don’ts, June 26th, 9-11 am, 336727
Networking – the best hack for your job search, June 30th, 9-11 am, 336728
Tips and tricks for unsolicited job search, July 8th, 9-11 am, 336729
The job interview, July 16th, 9-11 am, 336730
Get a good start in your first job, July 21st, 9-11 336731

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    16. jul. 2020 09:00 - 11:00
  • Where

    Webinar - In front of your pc/tablet/phone

  • Registration Deadline

    15. jul. 2020 - 23:59

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