The Hunt for Planet B

The Hunt for Planet B
The work of female NASA scientists on the Webb Telescope spacecraft allows us to see further into the unknown than ever before.
By October, NASA will send the most ambitious space observatory ever made into space. The human drama behind the crewless Webb Telescope is also the story of a groundbreaking group of female scientists trying to find life outside our solar system. What starts as a scientific adventure in real time turns into a deep meditation about our place and role in the universe. On the cusp of being able to look further than ever before, we can also look back at our own hard-pressed planet with new eyes. ‘The Hunt for Planet B’ is a journey into the unknown and infinite universe on a mission to find a new planet Earth among the stars.

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    From: 21. apr. 2021 - 12:00 To: 5. maj. 2021 - 22:00
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