Technomania: Science Non-Fiction: Envisioning Future Societies Through Fiction Before Building Them

Technomania: Science Non-Fiction: Envisioning Future Societies Through Fiction Before Building Them
Technology and societies structures are more than ever interlinked, reinforcing and driving each other. The innovation industry has poured years into developing processes and mechanism to facilitate and stabilise the emergence of disrupting technology.

Many revolutionary technologies however were first envisioned through fiction and then later translated into actual applications, which shaped their perception and the way we relate to the embedding of new technology into our every day life. These technologies were envisioned through the sociological lens of that historic time, sometimes reinforcing existing cultural and political structures, and sometimes questioning them, but always providing a rich context and complex embedded scenarios for their use cases.

What can we learn and utilise from the process of fictionalising products and technology, and how can we use fiction and speculation to build and understand visions beyond the known future? Which narratives and predictions dominate current tech-developments that shape our development plans implicitly and can we question them? And which urgent questions need to be asked, about the way we use autonomous technology to preserve and work with the social fabric that is currently shaping our society?

Sonja Rattay is a UX designer and strategist and co-founded the tech and design studio Block Zero, where she is currently leading the Design & UX efforts of the team. Together with her clients, she works towards creating experiences which bring humans and technology closer. Her projects range from creating immersive fashion technology exploring the perceptual senses of the human body to UX for embodied interaction and creating machines with personality. When she is not working, Sonja is learning about the human brain, travels the world and tinkers with new technologies such as implants, VR and robots.

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