CANCELLED - Aflyst - Sketchnoting and Visual Thinking For Project Managers

Learn how to communicate effectively using visual thinking techniques and sketchnoting. Engage your collegues and align your stakeholders when making fast and impactful decisions as a project manager and leader.

Why sketchnoting and visual thinking are so important to you?

Humans are much better at processing visual information than any other type. Today as never before in the history of humankind we are exposed to exponentially growing amounts of information. The complexity of problems we are solving on a daily basis is increasingly high.

From this perspective visual thinking is becoming a new core skill for anyone dealing with technology if they want to succeed. Do you feel confident in using drawings to solve professional problems? And if you don’t – it is yet not too late for you to catch up! Sketchnoting is a specific practice of taking notes the visual way that can significantly boost your professional performance and it is also quite easy to get going.

What will happen and what will you get?

During the course of the workshop participants will learn and practice essentials of visual thinking toolkit:

● Legible and quick handwriting.
● Visual vocabulary of icons and pictograms that are fun, easy and quick to draw.
● Tips and tricks working with whiteboards.
● Set of professional pens and markers

Once the participants build enough confidence with the essential techniques to express themselves visually, the quick and easy way, they will learn and practice how the visual thinking toolkit can help them solve project management related challenges:

● Facilitate getting to clearly defined goals.
● Visualize and communicate scope creep.
● Handling unrealistic deadlines with stakeholders the visual way.
● Learn tricks to improve communication in general.
● Expand methods to communicate within the context of geographically dispersed teams.
● Identify and communicate various types of risks visually.
● Handle retrospectives visually to insure proper tackling of issues within a team.
● Explore and communicate gaps in team skills.

There will be a lot of questions and answers as we will go through the material, you will meet akin visual thinking enthusiasts and have a lot of fun! On top of that, each participant will get a starting set of quality markers so you do not need to bring any special tools along.

Who should attend?

While the workshop is tailored specifically to managers and project managers within the software development context, anyone working with information technology is welcome to join! Whether you are development or people manager, software developer, business analyst, tester, UI/UX or customer experience specialist – you will find the workshop extremely useful for yourself as well.
And if you are not directly involved into software development, you should still come, the material is quite universal and may be applied to virtually any domain of professional activity. Do not hesitate to subscribe!
As far as your drawing skills – there is no entry level for participation – any drawing skill is welcome!

Trainer Info

Yuri Malishenko is an agile coach, product owner and visual thinker. He has been working with software development for the past 10 years in different roles of project manager, business analyst and agile implementation consultant. Since 2015 he has been teaching others to apply visual thinking toolkit and has developed a signature training program. Yuri is the author of the workbook on visual thinking and is blogging about visualization on Medium and Instagram . Feel free to connect with him on Linkedin to learn more .

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  • When

    19. mar. 2020 14:00 - 19:00
  • Where

    IDA Conference, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, 1780 København V

  • Registration Deadline

    17. mar. 2020 - 23:55

  • Organizer

    IDA Proces

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