Safety, Security & Safeguards

Safety, Security & Safeguards
Nuclear accidents, theft and diversion of fissile material can and does happen – but should be avoided. Head of Nuclear Preparedness Steen Nordstrøm explains how the key areas of nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards (the 3 S’s) work.

Since the beginning of the nuclear age, nuclear technologies have been associated with risks. Accidents, theft and diversion of nuclear material can and does happen – but must be avoided if possible. Addressing these risks benefit the public good and is important for international peace and security. For this reason, the nuclear industry is heavily regulated and subject to substantial national and international planning and cooperation, e.g. through EU & through the international atomic energy agency (IAEA), where member states have created a framework to prevent or minimize the potential adverse effects of the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

In Denmark the legal national responsibilities are implemented by the Nuclear Safety Authorities, namely the Nuclear Preparedness at the Danish Emergency Managent Agency (BRS) and the Danish Radiation Agency (SSI) at the Health Authority.

  • Nuclear Safety concerns the prevention or limitation of nuclear accidents
    and their harmful effects on humans and the environment.
  • Nuclear Security concerns the physical protection of nuclear material
    from theft, sabotage and other illicit acts.
  • Nuclear Safeguards address the need to ensure that nuclear
    material is not diverted from peaceful uses into e.g. weapon programs or other
    illicit activities.

These regulations are widely implemented globally. They are also highly likely to
determine conditions for the implementation & use of new nuclear technologies such as advanced reactors and Small Modular Reactors (SMR).

With new nuclear technologies on the raise, understanding risks and regulation are important for industry, research, authorities and the public alike.     

Drinks and sandwiches will be served.

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    11. dec. 2023 17:30 - 19:15
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