Saab Technologies - Visit and factory tour at Saab Danmark

Saab Technologies - Visit and factory tour at Saab Danmark
Hear about and see high tech military and civil communication equipment, where safety has the highest priority with regards to hacking and redundancy (up-time).


  • Welcome 
  • Introduction to SAAB Danmark A/S – Sønderborg site. Open positions. 
  • Presentation of the products. 
  • Visit to an integration room where we will see the typical components in a Saab communication solution. 
  • Time for sandwich, refreshments and questions. 
  • Thank you for coming and goodbye for now. 
  • About Saab Denmark A/S:  

    Saab Danmark has close to 40 years of experience in fully secure integrated communication solutions for all domains within both defense and civil segments.

    With local operations in Sønderborg, Denmark, our more than 200 employees cover the entire lifecycle for our communication solutions. 

    We have in-house experience within system engineering, radio integration, IP networks, security accreditations, information assurance, EME/TEMPEST measurements, antenna coverage and hardware implementation ranging from product delivery to full system and third-party integration.

    With systems in active service on all continents, TactiCall secure communication solutions has extensive experience in developing and delivering turnkey as well as customized systems. 

    Since Saab was started, we have strived to keep people and society safe. 

    It is a basic human need to feel safe and, as we see it, a human right.

    TactiCall Communication Solutions: 

    TactiCall Voice Communication System (VCS) allows military forces to address key challenges: shared operations and efficiency, reducing costs and adapting to technical developments and

    TactiCall VCS provides a multi-level secure communications and highly reliable VCS systems and networks to accomplish the missions.  

    Naval Operations:

    TactiCall Integrated Communication System (ICS), is a robust and highly survivable solution with no single point of failure. The system has a modular and scalable design approach ensuring seamless interfacing to 3rd party and legacy systems.  

    Visby Corvette: 

    The Visby class of corvettes is the first genuine stealth corvette with it’s hull made 100% in carbon fiber. The carbon fiber reduces the ship’s signature, radar, infrared, magnetic and external noise. 

    Other characteristics are multi-role (surface combat, submarine hunting, mine countermeasures and air defense), light and quick with diesel engines for low speed and gas turbines for high speed, withstands high levels of shock impacts which is full scale tested and integrated Saab weapons systems chain with Sea-Giraffe radar -> 9LV CMS -> Ceros Fire Control and 57 mm Bofors Cannon, or, RBS 15. Commissioned the year of 2000. 

    Air Traffic Control:

    TactiCall Voice Communication System (VCS) provides air traffic controllers with a robust user-friendly communication interface that delivers enhanced situational awareness. 

    TactiCall VCS can be used traditionally as a stand-alone, but can also be integrated with ATC automation systems, such as digital towers - local and remote. 

    Remote Air Traffic Control Tower:

    The Remote Tower was the world’s first operational approved remote air traffic control tower system. 

    While maintaining safety and efficiency, Remote Tower enables more effective staffing for aerodrome control service and heavily reduces the costs compared to conventional control towers. It also provides enhanced situational awareness, even in low visibility conditions, through new features in this new digital environment such as object tracking and alerting, night vision and image enhancement. 

    This product on many years of experience with both military C2 up to C4I systems like 9 Air, and civil ATM products.

    Cyber Security:

    It is important to protect critical infrastructures against cyber-attacks. Our integrated Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool provides real-time monitoring and analysis in
    order to identify user behavior anomalies and security threat detections.

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    • When

      14. maj. 2024 17:00 - 19:00
    • Where

      Saab Danmark A/S, Porten 6, 6400 Sønderborg

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      12. maj. 2024 - 23:55

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      El-Tech, IDA Syd

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