Remote Qualitative Research Methods, a UX Talk together with CPHUX (ONLINE)

Remote Qualitative Research Methods, a UX Talk together with CPHUX (ONLINE)
Go online and get inspired by 5 speakers on how to conduct Remote Qualitative Research Methods. A collaboration event with CPHUX, the largest UX Community in Copenhagen.

The entire world was forced to go remote due to Covid-19. It was a change for better and/or worse, but it taught us to work remotely.
13 brave UX professionals signed up to share their knowledge on this topic, and the CPHUX community selected 5 to present their method for us!
Methods you'll learn about:

  • Remote digital prototype testing (multiple or single)
  • How to run enterprise research and make engaging takeaways report
  • Jobs to Be Done Interviews
  • Problem Stack Ranking
  • Mobile ethnography

This event is a collaboration between CPHUX and IDA.

About CPHUX:
CPHUX is the largest UX Community in Copenhagen. We bridge the gap between UX Designers and businesses. Create transparency around UX and unite the amazing designers which are in our ecosystem. We support and embrace all UX initiatives, so feel free to reach out for future collaborations.


18:00-18:30: Welcome, food & networking

18:30-18:45: Presentation of CPHUX and IDA (community partner)

18:45-19:00: Remote digital prototype testing (multiple or single)
by Anne Gade Verner, UX Research and Project Management at SOS International

You can have a wide range of participants worldwide, or one on one while testing your prototype using teams or other applications and record at the same time. All participants can be handed the mouse to have consumers navigate and all participants are sitting at their "normal" office space, to have the product tested in their normal environment which I believe makes more value in regards to honest testing. 

19:00-19:15: How to run enterprise research and make engaging takeaways report
by Dovile Janule, Product design manager at Zendesk

The method is not out of the ordinary just approached in a structured way: 1:1 remote user interviews, then a tagging system to organize the insights on the product board and snippets of video customer insights shared with the team across a 2-month journey while digesting the data.

19:15-19:30: Jobs to Be Done Interviews
by Michele Hansen, Co-Founder / Author of Geocodio / book: Deploy Empathy

JTBD interviews can be incredibly effective when done remotely. On the phone or on an audio-only Zoom, if you get the person talking, they can almost forget that they're talking to someone else, and almost be more open than if you were in person. It also removes the pressure of monitoring your body language and facial expressions from the interviewer.

19:30-19:45: Break - Go stretch those legs and get a drink 

19:45-20:00: Problem Stack Ranking
by Simon S. Morel, Product Lead at Feats

A fast, scalable way to get an overview of perceived + new problems' relative importance. In other words, a remote-friendly way to quickly validate assumptions and/or prioritise problems to dive further into.

20:00-20:15: Mobile ethnography
by Helena Linde Pedersen, Senior Anthropologist at IS IT A BIRD

Mobile ethnography allows you to gain a deep, nuanced and holistic understanding of your target group from a distance. The method is self-reporting based - you send the participants diary and themed tasks which they answer over a period of days, weeks or months. The use of video, sound and photos is encouraged in answering tasks, meaning you get an incredibly rich qualitative material consisting not just of what people say they do, but also of them showing what they actually do. 

20:15-20:30: Panel with community questions from Slido

20:45-??: Thank you for tonight & networking 

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Where will the webinar happen?

We will be using Zoom for this event, you can particiapte both via your phine or your computer. If you're using your phone, make sure to download the app before the event.

There is a max of 100 people in the Zoom meeting room. If you don't get a spot watch it live on the CPHUX Facebook Page: CPHUXofficial

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