CANCELLED - Presentation technique - Present at your best

CANCELLED - Presentation technique - Present at your best
Develop the skills and the charisma required to perform at the top level, in presenting your project or your data but also in meeting your new boss or your future girlfriend. Face fear and anxiety knowing what you are doing and perform at your best.

In this 2 hours workshop, we will cover the most important elements of a presentation. From storytelling to body language. This way, our speaker Lorenzo Leandro, will highligt what and how one can improve in overall presentation performances. He talks about the role of emotions in all circumstances, from our daily meeting to our job interview, from our thesis presentation to our night out with a crush.
You will learn how to face fear and anxiety, how to comprehend and overtake them. The workshop comes from Lorenzo's years of self-study, hundreds of hours of courses in public speech and coaching and from his daily experience with data presentation in his Ph.D. life, and he's looking forward to sharing his passion with you.

  • When

    9. okt. 2019 16:00 - 18:00
  • Where

    RUC - Roskilde Universitetscenter, Universitetsvej 1, 4000 Roskilde

  • Registration Deadline

    4. okt. 2019 - 23:55

  • Organizer

    Studieudvalg, IDA Sjælland

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