DTU RiskLab Forum “Digitalization – Smart or Scary?” (Included in 5th SRA Nordic Conference)

DTU RiskLab Forum “Digitalization – Smart or Scary?” (Included in 5th SRA Nordic Conference)
Second day of 5th SRA Conference includes a Risk Forum, which is a special event with a broad engagement of representatives of companies and authorities. DTU RiskLab Forum: “Digitalization – Smart or Scary?”

DTU RiskLab Forum: “Digitalization – Smart or Scary?”

As part of the SRA Nordic Conference 2019, we are organizing the 7th DTU RiskLab Forum.

The RiskLab Forum is a format that brings together risk practitioners from industry, government and academia. We explore, debate and share experiences on current hot topics in risk management.

The Forums are organized around three main elements: Short impulse talks by leading experts in the field, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities.

The 7th DTU RiskLab Forum will be held in conjunction with the 5th SRA Nordic Conference on November 8 2019 in Copenhagen. The topic will be “Digitalization – Smart or Scary?”. Together, we will explore three major themes in this context:

  • Smart system reliability and safety: What are the implications of the vastly different innovation cycles and technological maturity that make up our complex cyber-physical systems, from autonomous cars to smart buildings? How can we safety-certify systems where critical components are under constant development, for example safety-critical autonomous systems?
  • Project and business opportunities and risks of smart systems: How can we better support project managers and senior executives in managing innovation projects that focus on digital innovation? How can we ensure that our risk management techniques span the technical, project and strategy space? How do we balance benefits and risks from an economic perspective?
  • Communicating and discussing risks and benefits of smart systems: How do we account for risk (and benefits) perception in the public discourse and regulation of “smart” systems, as well as the uneven distribution of their risks and benefits? How do we trade-off the additional benefits with the additional vulnerabilities we introduce? How do we discuss these issues as society?

Each topic will be introduced by an impulse talk of an internationally leading expert, followed by a workshop and experience exchange of the participants.


08:30 Registration and networking

09:00 Program start: Welcome & Introduction to Risk, Responsibility and Innovation for Smart Systems

09:30 Impulse talk #1 – Reliability of Smart Systems: Safety-Certifying Smart Systems for Railways – What works and what doesn’t – Stig Munck, Rambøll Danmark A/S

10:00 Workshop Part #1: “Experience Speed Dating” and reflection in group: The challenges of smart system reliability, safety certification and fast innovation cycles

11:00 Impulse talk #2 – Smart Systems, Smart Project, Smart Strategy? Opportunities and risks of a ‘smart business’ – Claus Klint, Director Internet of Things, IBM Denmark

11:30 Lunch and Networking

12:15 Workshop Part #2: 1 on 1 discussions and reflection in group: Business Risks and Opportunities for Smart Systems

13:00 Impulse talk #3: Communicating and Discussing Digitalization Risks and Benefits – The Societal Perspective. Prof. Dr. Maja Horst, DTU

13:45 Coffee and sweets

14:00 Workshop Part #3: Table workshops and report out: Experiences in smart system risk perception and communication

14:45 Wrap-up

15:00 Keynote: J. R. Taylor, Innovation Failures and How to Avoid Them

15:30 Closing ceremony

15:40 Networking reception (light dinner and drinks)

16.30 End of day

Price DKK 1,300.00

Registration closes
1 November 2019

The 5th SRA Nordic Conference - Risk Management for Innovation: If you wish to register to The 5th SRA Nordic Conference, use this link.

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  • When

    8. nov. 2019 08:30 - 17:00
  • Where

    IDA Conference, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, 1780 Copenhagen V

  • Registration Deadline

    5. nov. 2019 - 12:00

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    IDA Risk

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