Photo Workshop

Photo Workshop
Do you want to learn how to create live, and emotional, storytelling pictures with maximum natural composition and minimum post-processing, so join this workshop with Nataly Dauer

 Seminar program 


What will you learn: 


1. How to hold your
camera properly 

2. Shooting in RAW or

3. How to understand the
exposure triangle 

4. Which aperture and
which lens are best for portraits and landscapes. 

5. Learn to use Aperture
Priority and Shutter Priority modes 

6. What to do when it’s
not enough light 

7. What habits you need
to learn before you start shooting 

8. What to do with
on-camera flash 

9. White balance and light

10. Read the histogram and use the exposure metrics 

11. Play with perspective 

12. Understand the rule of thirds 

13. Why eyes should always be in focus 

14. Pay attention to the background 

15. How to make a shoot not only the early morning and evening 

16. Invest in some good photo editing software 

17. Learn from your mistakes 


And as well: 

· Is it necessary to
match the colors?  

· How to prepare your
kids before the shoot? 

· How to pose if you
don’t want to pose. 

· May or may not be
realistic without any postproduction? 


This class will be good for people, who want to know a
little bit more about your digital camera, start to use manual mode and want to
take “more professional looking” pictures for your family. 


Please, read the manual to your camera to avoid simple
questions “where is this button on my camera” 

It will be also useful, if you google a little and
will understand what is words: Aperture, exposure time, ISO, focal length,
focal depth.  

If you believe in the future for the smartphones cameras
- it will be also useful to understand basics of composition and what can help
to create a great shot. 

During the break we eat sandwich, drink wine and network of course.

About our speaker:

 Nataly has been working as a commercial photographer since 2008. 

· Worked as a head master of professional courses and basic professional photography in a photography school in Kiev in 2009-2011. 

· Regular participant of international exhibitions of family and children’s photography. 

· Permanent member of the Russian Association of children’s and family photographers 

· Member of juri at the Birth and Beyond Photography Awards 

· Permanent member of the Professional Wedding Photographers’ Club. 

· Teaching photography, marketing and postproduction. 

· Personal Exhibition about birth photography “The moment, ... we met you”.

· Personal exhibition of family photography in Copenhagen “Me and my Mom” with support of “Verdens Kvinder I Danmark”  

· Participation in art exhibition in Roskilde 2017 

· ICU photo project and exhibition 2014 

· Winner of “PORTRAIT AWARDS 2017” 

· Short list International Award of family and child photography, Russia 2016 

· Short list of Photo festival “About Children” 2016  

  • When

    3. feb. 2023 17:00 - 19:30
  • Where

    IDA Center Hillerød, Helsingørgade 30, baghuset, 3400 Hillerød

  • Registration Deadline

    2. feb. 2023 - 12:00

  • Organizer

    Øresund Afdeling, IDA Nordsjælland

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