Optimize your business with 3D printing - Odense

This course enables you to see the technical and economic benefits of 3D printing. You will get an overview of the most popular technologies and materials as well as some of the new and upcoming technologies.

Optimize your business with 3D printing
This course enables you to see the technical and economic benefits of 3D printing. You will get an overview of the most popular technologies and materials as well as some of the new and upcoming technologies.
Optimize your business with 3D printing
The course also introduces some of the design possibilities and considerations that arise when working with 3D printing. Since the technology can help maintain competitiveness, you also gain insight into the economic considerations. That way, you can assess for yourself how and when you and your company can create added value with 3D printing.
3D printing - or Additive Manufacturing, as it is also called - is increasingly used as a resource in production, and thus no longer only for prototypes. Various independent analyses point to 3D printing as one of the manufacturing technologies that can benefit Danish industry in the efforts to maintain competitiveness and preserve Danish production jobs. As a course participant at the Danish Technological Institute, you are also guaranteed an independent and objective demonstration of the technology.

Course content
This is a concentrated one-day course, and the content covers:
• A review of different technologies and materials for 3D printing and what characterizes them - including advantages and limitations
• General considerations about the economy – e.g. when 3D printing pays off and how to justify investments in technology
• How 3D printing can be used as a production resource in a ramp-up process and thus reduce time-to-market
• How you get the opportunity to develop new and unique products with a high degree of customization
• Introduction to the overall design rules as well as the new features you can achieve with 3D printing
Who should attend?
This course is especially aimed at decision makers as well as managers and specialists in development and production, but it is equally relevant for those who want knowledge and inspiration to create innovation using 3D printing.
Apart from a healthy interest in 3D printing and the possibilities of the technology, the course requires no special knowledge or experience. If you already have questions - or items that could potentially be 3D-printed - in advance, you are very welcome to send them. We will then try to include it in the teaching.

Course outcome
Through participation in the course, you get concrete knowledge and tools in these areas:
• A basic knowledge of the technical and economic considerations when using 3D printing for industrial manufacturing
• Knowledge of cost calculations and value chains - and what influences them
• Insight into strategy and business development when 3D printing is used as a resource for development and production
• Knowledge of the advantages and limitations of the individual 3D printing technologies
• Introduction to materials, material properties and the different process steps
• A basic introduction to 3D printing design - and what to look for when designing for 3D printing.

How the course Optimize your business with 3D printing is run
At the course:
• 1 day of teaching: 9.00-16.00 (breakfast from 8.30).
• Course materials
• Meals
After the course:
• Course certificate
The instructors
Kristian Rand Henriksen is a mechanical engineer who works with product development, construction, and project management at the Danish Technological Institute. Kristian has several years of experience as a consultant. Among other things, he has worked with the development of 3D printed production equipment for the medico and food industry.
Henning Henningsen has a degree in civil engineering with a specialization in product development, and he has an HD (O) specializing in strategic planning. For many years, Henning has worked as a project manager, development manager, and board member, and through this he has gained enormous technical insight and business understanding. Henning has been working with 3D printing since the mid-90s, and one of his specialties is the strategic benefits and financial gains that can be achieved by using 3D printing.

This course is run in collaboration with:
IDA Mechanical
Maskinteknisk gruppe, IDA Østjylland
The course is run in collaboration with The Danish Technological Institute, who is also responsable for the teaching of the course.
Please be attentive: When registering for the course, your name, e-mail and telephone number are forwarded to and shared with The Danish Technological Institute. Your contact information is used exclusively in relation to your registration and for the course itself, and it will not be used for marketing purposes.

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    26. jan. 2021 09:00 - 16:00
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    Teknologisk Institut - Odense, Forskerparken 10, 5230 Odense M

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    21. jan. 2021 - 23:59

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    IDA Learning

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