CANCELLED - Online course: Negotiation Excellence

In two half-days virtual workshops in Microsoft, you get the tools and methods to strengthen your negotiations skills.

Online course: Negotiation Excellence - Create value through negotiations
In two half-days virtual workshops in Microsoft, you get the tools and methods to strengthen your negotiations skills.
Online Negotiation
More and more Negotiations are held online via Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other virtual platforms. This requires technical skills but also knowledge of digital communication and negotiation. The technique and online negotiations challenge the way we usually discuss, argue, make demands and bring new solutions into play in a negotiation.
Negotiation Excellence
In Negotiation Excellence the focus is on cooperation and creating value based on the different prerequisites often found on the different sides of the table. This program will supply you with the necessary tools, structure, and training so you can execute your negotiation strategy with the strongest results possible.
Partnership as strategy requires a great deal from the negotiator including analysis, strategy, negotiation techniques, communication and psychology – all central elements when trying to obtain the best results and a strong position.
Using case training you will learn how to prepare, use negotiation tactics, communicate and get insights on your negotiation behavior.
The program will cover:
1. Preparation – how to structure your data and secure overview
2. Negotiation Process - identify the variables around the negotiation table
3. Claiming value in Negotiation – how to secure the best deal for your side
4. Creating value in Negotiation – using cooperation to expand the potential
5. Closing the deal - How and when to close
On this program you work with
Day 1
• Case simulation: Negotiation of price (one on one)
• How to steer the negotiation away from price to value
• Choice of strategy: Integrative (Cooperation) vs. distributive (Claiming) behavior and structure
• Negotiation ladder™: Awareness, preparation and structure
Day 2
• Step 1: Preparation and structure
• Step 2: Using Negotiation Compass™ for execution
• Case simulation: Focus on negotiating at the full potential (two on two)

The program is for you who want to strengthen and improve your negotiation results
The program is for Project Managers, Managers, Sales Managers, Procurement Managers and other negotiators in large and small organizations.
Prerequisites for participation:
There are no subject-specific prerequisites for participating in this program. All you need is access to Microsoft Teams, a stable network, and a computer with a speaker and microphone.
Your outcome
• Identify the different phases of a negotiation
• Insights into the psychological mechanisms that affect the other party (and ourselves)
• Understand the key negotiation strategies - Case training in getting the most out of a negotiation
• Learn to prepare for a negotiation, create an overview and structure
• Case training in value creation and how the variables create value for both parties

Company's outcome
• Competences that will ensure a better economical result
• Stronger relations and trust in negotiations
• Reduced costs
• Make value and savings visible
• Improved negotiation environment
Outline of the program
This virtual training program is built around theory and active learning. You will be challenged and take an active part in the program – this is NOT a webinar. You will receive direct and constructive feedback related to the daily negotiation challenges. The program is built on experiences from more than 3000 professionals in more than 15 countries working with companies as Carlsberg, Saint Gobain, Deloitte, Norden, Carl Ras & FLSmidth and many more.
The training program will be a mixture of overall teaching and breakout sessions for preparation. Case simulations of real negotiations will help you to use the theories correct. Negotiations typically take place "two vs two", and an instructor will be available for questions and review of the strategy.
Video recording in combination with the instructor’s observation will be used on the program to give the participants feedback at the negotiation situations.
How to access the online program Strategic Negotiation
This virtual training program in strategic negotiation consists of two virtual live workshops (4 hours each) in Microsoft Teams at one-week intervals.
1. Approx. 7-10 days before the start of the program, you will receive a welcome letter, a questionnaire and the program material
2. Approx. 3-4 days before the program starts, you will receive a link to Teams, where the program will be run. It is also through this invitation that you will have access to the two virtual workshops. Remember to add the program to your calendar
3. You will participate in different negotiations at the two virtual workshops. During the negotiations you will be recorded on video, which will be used for analysis and feedback during the program. (Recordings will be deleted no later than 30 days after the program)
4. You must have access to your email during the two virtual workshops.
If you have not received an email with a link to the program no later than 4 days before the program, please contact Steen Jørgensen per. mail
Claus Grønbech, Partner & Senior Negotiation Advisor & Executive Coach
Claus has 11 years of experience in training in negotiation and communication. He has specialized in communication in negotiations and works with clients as Carlsberg, Lactalis, Deloitte and Saint Gobain.  At the masters program “Master of Executive Negotiation”, designed for professionals with international negotiation experience, Claus was teaching Effective Communication for 5 years. Claus is also certified ICF coach from Manning Inspire.  He is furthermore certified in Extended DISC, which is designed to highlight communication, cooperation, and conflict skills.
The professional background comes from Dagbladet Børsen, the leading financial newspaper in Denmark, which has giving Claus extended experience with sales, coaching and managing.
Claus is M.A from the University of Copenhagen

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    From: 10. nov. 2021 - 09:00 To: 17. nov. 2021 - 13:00
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    7. nov. 2021 - 23:59

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