Nordic Bioplastic Conference 2024

Nordic Bioplastic Conference 2024
The Nordic Bioplastic Conference 2024 will showcase the latest innovations in biobased and biodegradable plastics. An extensive program provides the opportunity to explore the possibilities within this diverse set of materials.
The Nordic Bioplastic Conference 2024 will bring together experts from the entire bioplastics value chain to update the industry on developments within the field. In addition to industry case studies and market and application overviews, the event will also feature input from experts, policymakers, and consultants.

Conference program

09:00 09:30 Breakfast

09:30 09:35 Welcome - Rasmus Grusgaard, The Danish Plastics Federation

09:35 09:40 Bioplastics explained (movie)
09:40 10:05 Bioplastics at the crossroad - Hasso von Pogrell, European Bioplastics

10:05 10:30 Microplastics free artificial grass infill and monetised aggregate cost for material selection - Jan Nordegraaf, Innograaf BV

10:30 10:55 Trustworthy mass balance – a key to sustainable transformation- Linda Zellner, Perstorp

10:55 11:25 Coffee break

11:25 11:45 VELUX needs and perspectives on mass balance - Anja Gylling, VELUX

11:45 12:05 The use of mass balance in LCA and EPD - Asger Alexander Wendt Karl, EPD Danmark

12:05 12:30 High speed towards bioplastic (F1 case) - Konrad Rosén, GAIA Biomaterials

12:30 13:30 Lunch

13:30 13:50 Plastic in a circular business model - Erland Riis Lavsen, Duni Group

13:50 14:10 Plastic from seaweed - Henrik Truelsen, Dansk Algeplast

14:10 14:30 25 Years of ecoflex®: BASF’s Journey in Shaping the Present and Future of Circular and Sustainable Plastics Gijs Habraken / Afsaneh Nabifar, BASF

14:30 15:00 Coffee break

15:00 15:25 From Responsibility to Action: Italy's EPR Approach to Bioplastic Sustainability - Marco Versari, biorepack

15:25 15:45 Enzymatic solutions for circular plastic - Anne Stenbæk, Novozymes

15:45 16:05 Strategies for Recycling and Composting of Bioplastics in Denmark - Anne Dorthe Fethers, Solum

16:05 16:10 Conference Wrap-up - Rasmus Grusgaard, The Danish Plastics Federation

16:10 16:40 Networking Drinks

What is bioplastic?
The term bioplastic refers to a variety of plastic materials derived from renewable resources, are biodegradable, or both. This can lead to confusion regarding bioplastic materials.

  • A biobased and biodegradable plastic is one made from renewable resources, such as biomass (corn, wheat, potatoes, etc.), and is capable of biodegrading under certain conditions. Disposable items such as packaging, drinking bottles, single-use food containers, and cutlery are often made of these materials.
  • Non-biodegradable and bio-based bioplastics: These materials are also made from renewable resources, but are designed to last longer and not degrade.
  • Bio-derived is a new term to indicate plastic made from biomaterial using a mass-balance approach. This is a done by the established raw-material industry by changing their processes to tolerate a broader range of feedstock.
The Venue
The event is held in Industriens Hus in downtown Copenhagen. The Ticket includes breakfast, lunch, coffee, and networking drinks.

Planning committee
Teknologisk Institut Anna-Catharina Röper Nicolaj Ma
Plastindustrien i Danmark Rasmus Grusgaard

Why attend the conference?

  • Attend if you want the latest updates on one of the important materials of the future.
  • Attend to learn from industry cases on applications of biobased and biodegradable plastic materials
  • Attend to network with professionals from the biobased economy and share your knowledge.
Contact the organizer
All inquiries regarding the conference can be made to:

You register directly to Plastindustrien - as a partner, IDA Polymer will recieve the participant list after the event.

  • When

    11. apr. 2024 09:00 - 16:00
  • Where

    Industriens Hus, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18, 1553 København V

  • Registration Deadline

    10. apr. 2024 - 23:59

  • Organizer

    IDA Polymer

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