Neurodivergent talents in the gaming industry

Neurodivergent talents in the gaming industry
Join the conversation on neurodivergence in the game development industry, when we ask a game artist and a UX engineer how they have built careers within the industry and what it has required from them
At this inspirational event, we will shine a spotlight on how neurodivergent talents unfold their potential within the game development industry. Since there is a massive demand for talent in the industry, it is essential to put everyone with the skills into play. Workplace environments that adapt and support diversity among their employees are crucial.

The event is aimed at neurodivergent software developers who work or wish to work within the gaming industry. Additionally, it is aimed at neurotypical developers and designers, who want to contribute to making their workplace and industry more inclusive.

16:30: Welcome by IDA GameDev
16:40: Moderated conversation with Elena Zakynthinou / Game Artist
17:00: Moderated conversation with Martin Schmitz / UX Engineer 
17:20: Break
17:35: Moderated Q&A session with the audience
18:00: Facilitated networking with snacks and drinks
18:30: Thank you and goodbye   

Elena Zakynthinou, a neurodivergent game artist with an MA in Visual Media and Game Design (KADK), works as Art Director at Gamutex. Elena has roamed the world as an illustrator, trying out multiple industries and building a portfolio that did not reflect her personality and passions . After reviewing her past work she decided to start from scratch at 30 years old, move to Copenhagen and pursue a career as a game artist. Being diagnosed with ADHD at 31 was a surprise but mostly relief. It could explain the frustration she felt when she couldn't find the motivation to work on her art, or when she would feel more productive in tight deadlines. When she would jump jobs because it was too boring and repetitive after a while, or too impatient when things take too long. Now she embraces the 'superpowers' of ADHD while balancing the negative effects with more organised schedules and short-timed work meetings.

Martin Tilo Schmitz, a Neurodivergent UX Engineer, blends his expertise in Gameplay Programming and Game & Level Design at Unity Technologies. Leveraging his autistic and ADHD perspectives, he enhances workflows for performance optimization in applications made with Unity.
GameDev and interdisciplinary roles suited his AuDHD mind so well, that it took him 12 years to figure out that many of his challenges could be connected to a neurodiversity diagnosis. An experience, that underscores the value of diversity and awareness of mental health, in fostering a collaborative workspace and holistic experiences.

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  • When

    6. jun. 2024 16:30 - 18:30
  • Where

    IDA Innovate, (bygningen ved siden af IDA Mødecenter) Kalvebod Brygge 33, 1780 København V

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    5. jun. 2024 - 23:59

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    IDA GameDev

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