Maritime Project Evening: DDMF / ShippingLab / EUDP

Maritime Project Evening: DDMF / ShippingLab / EUDP
The Blue Denmark is fortunate to have organizations which are driving maritime innovation through projects and collaborative partnerships and providing both private and public grants and funding opportunities.
The Blue Denmark is fortunate to have organizations which are driving maritime innovation through projects and collaborative partnerships and providing both private and public grants and funding

Come and hear several of these maritime projects be presented, as well as learn about some of the funding and project collaboration opportunities available to the Blue Denmark.


16:30 - 16:35 Welcome & Introduction
by Alexander Bjørn Kleiman, Chairman - IDA Maritim, Manager - Maritime Projects, DBI – The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology

16:35 – 16:55 The Danish Maritime Fund
by Lotte G. Lundberg, Fund Director

The Danish Maritime Fund (DDMF) has as its overall objective to engage via grants and funding in activities that provide growth and development of the Danish maritime sector, and hereby indirectly supporting job creation in Denmark

17:00 - 17:20 DDMF PROJECT - Specialized Autonomous Drone for Maritime Use
by Vincent Tofterup & Benjamin Mejnertz, Upteko

With the aim to bring Harsh environment Specialized Autonomous drone technology into the maritime industry, Upteko has developed a multifunctional drone system, to support a large variety of maritime operations. Comprising of 3 main components, this industrial drone system is the perfect innovative assistance for improving day-to-day maritime operations. Upteko has been consistently involved with the maritime industry since its inception. We are developing a drone system solution to live on the ship, to connect vessel,wind energy and port operations on the ground and at the sea, with insight from
the sky. This system includes a software, drone and a charging station for the drone that will be installed on the ship. The drone can autonomously perform a variety of tasks and then fly back and charge its batteries while staying protected against the harsh environments at sea. Having a permanent drone on a ship will be extremely helpful in a number of cases that can range from Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, vessel docking, inspections, package delivery, fire hazard detection and situational awareness among other functionalities.

17:20 – 17:40 From idea to prototype – (with support from DDMF)
By Martin Stockholm & Lasse Skriver Møller, DanaDynamics

DanaDynamics was founded mid 2018. The objective was to develop an autonomous maritime drone platform with modularity to perform various survey operations. In 2019 they launched the first prototype specially designedto perform bathymetric surveys in harbours and shallow water areas.DanaDynamics is founded by Martin Stockholm and Lasse Skriver Møller with funding from Den Danske Maritime Fond and Syddansk Innovation. DanaDynamics is developing the next level of their autonomous system along with the building of a new prototype for environmental surveys.
Martin and Lasse will share their journey with DanaDynamics and their committed team of now 8 employees.

17:40 -18:00 Danish Maritime GreenTech – supported by DDMF
By Jens Peter Bredholt, Co-founder, Hydro Hull Cleaning & Chairman, Kapacitet

-What and why Hull Cleaning?
-Technology and operation
-Danish shipping/tech and support from DDMF
-Next steps

18:00 -18:30 Refreshments & Networking (Online – Break)

18:30 – 18:50 SHIPPING LAB
By Magnus Gary, Project Director

ShippingLab is a nonprofit innovation and project partnership in Blue Denmark, app. 40 partners are working together on the common goal, to create Denmark’s first autonomous, environmentally friendly ship through a number of projects within digitization, autonomy and decarbonization. ShippingLab was launched in 2019 and has established an ambitious platform for maritime research, development, and innovation in the Danish industry. A general overview of the purpose and work in Shipping Lab will be presented.

18:50 – 19:10 SHIPPING LAB Project - Automatic Optimized Coastal Routing
by Christian Råe Holm, Head of Performance Management, Coach Solutions

The near-coastal parts of a route are not calculated exactly but are indicated graphically and it is expected that the crew adjusts these parts of the route considering local navigational restrictions.
This project supported by the Danish Maritime Fund has developed a methodology to collect and transfer the necessary information from Electronical Nautical Charts (ENC’s) in vector format and use them to calculate a route which adheres to the restrictions found in the ENC’s.

19:10 – 19:30 EUDP (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program)
by Mads Lyngby Petersen, Special Advisor - Centre For Energy Administration

EUDP under the Danish Energy Agency supports private companies and universities, to develop and demonstrate new energy technologies. Support is given in accordance with EU state aid rules. A general introduction on the EUDP funding opportunities will be given, along with an overview of current maritime EUDP funded projects.

19.30 – 19.45 Questions & Answers and Closing
by Alexander Bjørn Kleiman, Chairman - IDA Maritim

The event is in collaboration with Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Foundation.

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