CANCELLED - Latest news from IMO´s Marine Environmental Committee (MEPC 75) and other GHG related issues

The 75th meeting in the IMO committee on environmental regulations takes place from 30rd March to 3rd April 2020. A summary of the meeting will be given together with more detailed reporting on some of the most important issues showing their influence on

The 75th meeting in the IMO committee on environmental regulations takes place from 30rd March to 3rd April 2020. A summary of the meeting will be given together with some related issues especially about GHG emissions.


16:30 - 16:35 Introduction and welcome by Hans Otto Holmegaard Kristensen, HOK Marineconsult ApS

16:35 - 17:20 Outcome of ISWG-GHG 7 and MEPC 75/7 (GHG) by Kasper Alstrup Schnell, Head of Section, Danish Maritime Authority

This presentation will provide an overview of the outcome from the IMO meetings ISWG-GHG 7 and MEPC 75, held 23 March to 3 April in London. The main purpose of the meetings is to finalise short-term measures to deliver on the IMO's Initial GHG Strategy. Denmark has together with France and Germany submitted a so-called mandatory operational goal-based short-term measure. Another notable proposal on the table for the meetings is the technical goal-based measure (EEXI).

17:20 – 18:00 Pathways towards low carbon shipping by Jan Otto de Kat, ABS

Given the regulatory developments at MEPC 75, an overview will be provided of possible near-term and longer-term solutions aimed at drastic reduction of GHG emissions for the shipping industry. This includes a variety of technical and operational measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions, as well as an inventory of potential low carbon fuels. The presentation will conclude with some ship design cases involving ammonia and hydrogen as main fuel.

18:00 - 18:30 Refreshments

18:30 - 19:00 Outcome of ISWG-GHG 7 and MEPC 75/7 (GHG) – engine designers perspective by Dorte Kubel, Senior Research Engineer, MAN Energy Solutions

The IMO meetings ISWG-GHG 7 and MEPC 75 will discuss a number of issues which are highly relevant for the design of two-stroke engines, e.g. alternative fuels, improved energy efficiency on new and existing ships (EEDI and EEXI) and minimum propulsion power (MPP). The presentation will give the engine designers perspective on the outcome ISWG-GHG 7 and MEPC 75

19:00 - 19:30 Calculation of ship related CO2 emissions in Copenhagen Harbor (2018 and 2019) by Mads Sørensen, Rambøll and Hans Otto Kristensen, HOK Marineconsult ApS

In February 2020 a contract was signed between the Municipality of Copenhagen and Rambøll A/S to deliver a detailed analysis of all CO2 emissions from ships operating in Copenhagen Harbor in 2018 and 2019. The analysis was carried out by using and analyzing all AIS data of ships operating in the harbor in 2018 and 2019. These data were used as input for the so-called SHIP-DESMO generic energy and emission model for different ship types developed by HOK Marineconsult ApS, such that detailed CO2 emission could be calculated for every ship operation, which finally were summarized giving the total amount of CO2 emissions.

The event is in collaboration with Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Foundation.


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