Introduction to Python (Online)

Introduction to Python (Online)
Python is a programming language that is useful in many areas of science. With a basic knowledge on programming in Python, you will have a powerful tool to write simple programs and treat data. Join this Python-event and learn the basics of Python!

Introduction to Python is an entry level course for Python programming. Python is a programming language that is useful for data analysis, webdevelopment, executable programs and scientific numeric calculations and simulation.

The course starts out with the basics of programming which are applicable to all programming languages and then moves on to more python specific subjects such as the syntac, the inbuilt functions and external packages and modules.

After the course you will have the fundamental building blocks to use Python to compute, treat data, present results, and write simple programs.

We will cover the following topics:
• Basic use
• Calculations
• Strings and manipulation of these
• Lists and other data types
• Logic and if/else statements
• Loops
• Functions and methods
• Handling files
• Linear Algebra
• Plotting
• Program writing

The course is directed at people with no prior knowledge of programming at all, and people with a basic programming experience in other languages who wish to add Python to their list of languages.

The only requirement is that you show up with a laptop with an editor and the Python language installed. We recommend using Spyder and we will send out an installation guide a few days before the course starts.

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  • When

    20. okt. 2020 17:15 - 19:00
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    Webinar - In front of your pc/tablet/phone

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    19. okt. 2020 - 23:59

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    IDA Fagtekniske Studieevents

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