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IDA supports the UN's world goals

IDA wants to make visible the link to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This event covers, among other things, the above development goals. Read more about the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Strengthen your new role as a leader.

Introduction to leadership
Strengthen your new role as a leader.

Learn how to face your new challenges
Would you like to practice your leadership skills in a safe environment? Here is your chance to practice and, in the meantime, get the answers to some of the basic questions related to being a new leader:
How do you start out well? What tools do you need? What are your strengths as a leader? How do you receive and give feedback? How do you expand your understanding of your own and your employee's response patterns? And how can you deal with the specific leadership challenges you face?
Introduction to Leadership presents the basic theory, tools and insights into the leadership challenges following your new role as a leader. During the course you will receive constructive and forward-looking peer feedback from coaches and other participants.
This course is also available in Danish.

On the course you will work on:
• Your personal qualifications and expectations in relation to the leadership role
• Theory connected directly to the practical training, and basic theory in relation to the leadership role
• Case exercises based on your specific challenges
• Identification of your strengths and your areas of development, so you know what to focus on in relation to your development going forward.

The course is for new leaders
Introduction to leadership is for those of you who are moving on to your first leadership position – or who have worked as a leader for up to six months.
Your new role as a leader is a step in your career that offers exciting, new challenges – academic, personal and managerial.
Your capabilities may be put to a test in the leading role. Therefore, it is recommendable that you prepare yourself for the responsibilities and requirements that the leadership role entails.
The course is also relevant if you do not have a leadership role, but you would like to find out whether a leadership position is for you.

The benefits for you
• Training in practical leadership “in a safe environment “
• Thorough personal and professional preparation for your new role as a leader
• Identifying your strengths and your areas of development
• Increased knowledge of basic theory in relation to the leadership role
• Feedback and experience sharing, which prepares you for the leadership role.

The benefits for your organization
After the course you will be a leader who:
• Quickly fills in his/her new role
• Possesses the fundamental leadership competencies
• Has insight into the patterns of response and relationships between people
• Has greater insight and understanding of the professional and personal challenges that are associated with being new to the leadership role.

Learn theory through case exercises and practical training
In your new role as a leader, you must meet the professional goals as well as achieve personal goals for yourself and your employees. You will face new challenging situations every day. During this course you practice situations that may arise in your role as a leader.
The leadership role differs from organization to organization. A feature common to most leaders is that they need to create results through other people. Therefore, it is important to work on relationships between people. On this course, you work on your own and other people’s reaction patterns.
Besides the practical approach through training, you will also gain a theoretical foundation. A big part of the theory you learn through case exercises, where the theory will be linked to the practical training.
The training takes place in groups of maximum eight participants per group for each teacher.
Feedback is an important part of the course. Both instructors and other participants will give feedback. Since all participants are new to the leadership role or interested in basic skills of leadership, the feedback and exchange of experience during the course will come from peers and be constructive and forward-looking.

Collect feedback in your organization
In preparation for this course, you will be asked to collect feedback from your organization on your strengths and areas of development in relation to leadership.
You will use this knowledge about yourself during this course in relation to the theory you will be working with. Also, you receive valuable input to your training during the course.

The price includes:
Before the course
• Short questionnaire about Your expectations for the course ”Introduction to Leadership”
• MBTI 1 test
During the course
• 1 instructor for each class
• 3 course days (25 lessons) with all meals included
• Log book for personal notes
• Course materials with relevant exercises and theory
• Feedback session on your strengths and development areas
After the course
• Course certificate
• Follow-up in relation to development areas of development from Mannaz six months after the course.

A team of business psychologists will conduct the teaching. They have a broad practical and theoretical experience in the field of leadership. The teachers you will meet have a great insight into organizational, managerial and psychological issues.

IDA supports the UN's world goals

IDA wants to make visible the link to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This event covers, among other things, the above development goals. Read more about the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

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    From: 8. jan. 2025 - 09:00 To: 10. jan. 2025 - 16:00
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    3. jan. 2025 - 23:59

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