IDA Challenge: CTF & Cybersecurity with TDC

Have you ever participated in a Hackaton? Then now is the time! This challenge is for you who wants to work with cybersecurity and are curious on which tasks you will be working on if you were working in a cyber security department.

About IDA Challenge
IDA Challenge is a unique possibility for you to test your professional and creative skills, get to know your peers, exchange knowledge and get an insight into an organizations mission and challenges.

About the case
One of TDC’s pentesters, Florian, who holds a background from DTU (MSc in Telecommunications) will do a short introduction on how they are working with cyber security in TDC, and after that we will jump directly into the CTF challenge, where all the fun hacking begins. 

So come and challenge you and your friend's hacking skills. You can join as an individual (and we will help you find team members) or you can come as a team. We will make sure to feed you with pizzas as well during the evening.

The CTF competition lasts 5 hours, where you as a a participant get the ability to improve your skills, but also to capture flags. The competition is Jeopardy-style with 4-5 categories and 20+ challenges, with topics such as:
• Web exploitation (XSS, Broken Authentication, SQL-injections, etc.)
• Wireless (NFC hacking, radio and maybe WiFi)
• Password cracking
• Miscellaneous
Help and hints will be provided to everyone who is stuck, so don’t be afraid to join if you haven’t had experience with cyber security before :)

We hope to see you there!

We will provide you with pizza.

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  • When

    26. mar. 2020 16:00 - 21:00
  • Where

    Aalborg Universitet, Fredrik Bajers Vej 7A Room A4-106, 9220 Aalborg Øst

  • Registration Deadline

    25. mar. 2020 - 23:59

  • Organizer

    Kurser for studerende

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