How Strategic Design is shaping the future to match business and user needs

How Strategic Design is shaping the future to match business and user needs
How to work with business and user needs on a strategic level. Come and get smarter about Strategic Design from other industry professionals. A collab event between CPHUX and IDA Design og Innovation.

Strategic design is a super interesting area of UX which more and more naturally ends up in as their role develops over time. Business needs and user needs are always a focus point and the community is dying to see how you work with this on a strategic level.

Come and get smarter about Strategic Design from other industry professionals. 


18.00-18.30: Welcome, food & networking

18.30-18.45: Presentation of CPHUX and IDA 

18.45-19.05: What the hell is Strategic Design?
by Kristine Kuni Buccoliero, CEO and Founder of NeoCare Nordic


19.05-19.25: People Power: How Strategic People-Centric Methods Drive Sustainable Transformations
by Michael McKay, Head of Design Center of Excellence at Ørsted  (in. transition to Independent Consultant)

​19:25-19:40: BREAK 😉 Go stretch those legs and get a drink 🚰

19.40-20.00: Smuggling Design Outside-In
by Christian Égéa, Experience Design Team Lead at SimCorp

20.00-20.20: How to have impact
by Jeppe Kruse, Strategic Design Director at Manyone

20.20-21.00: Panel with community questions from Slido

21.00-21.30: Thank you for tonight & networking 


You can use the app slido to ask and upvote questions for the speaker.

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Kristine Kuni Buccoliero
CEO and Founder of NeoCare Nordic
She has a background as an Industrial Designer, and has worked with Strategic Design for many years, as a Startup Manager.

Michael McKay
Head of Design Center of Excellence at Ørsted  (in. transition to Independent Consultant)
As a former Head of UX and Design Thinking at Ørsted, I bring extensive experience in strategic design thinking, user-centric innovation, and cultural change leadership. I have over 15 years of experience in design, product concept definition, and engineering with major companies such as eBay, Amazon, LEGO, and Nokia Inc. Currently, I work as a management consultant, board member, and advisor to startups, leveraging my expertise to help organizations grow and succeed. I regularly teach at The Royal Academy of Design in Copenhagen and the University of Cranfield, UK. My unique career blend between Corporate Leadership positions and independent practitioner has enabled a rich entrepreneurial personality with strong corporate capabilities.

Christian Égéa 
Experience Design Team Lead at SimCorp
As a designer since 2004, I partner with *people* to synthesize diverse perspectives, tangibly explore opportunities, and creatively transform ideas into fulfilling product-service experiences with life-affirming outcomes. I’ve worked both as a consultant and in-house, notably with Attoma (Paris), frog (Austin & San Francisco), Stanford Health Care (Palo Alto), and SimCorp (Copenhagen).

Jeppe Kruse
Strategic Design Director at Manyone
Scatterbrain and optimistic designer person into IA, UX, research, systems, product management, discovery, collaboration, organisation design, and 100 other things. I get motivated by the fact that humanity hasn't yet discovered a way to build software that doesn't suck for everyone involved.



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  • When

    12. jun. 2023 18:00 - 21:00
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    IDA Conference., Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, 1530 København V

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    12. jun. 2023 - 15:30

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    IDA Design og Innovation

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