Golden autumn at Camp Adventure with its Structural Engineer

Golden autumn at Camp Adventure with its Structural Engineer
Seeing autumn dressed trees while talking about structural engineering at the one of the most outstanding constructions of last decade - Camp Adventure Tower.

Camp Adventures Forest Tower is a unique nature experience that does not exist elsewhere in Scandinavia. With the architectural grasp and development of the experience, nature is staged to provide new perspectives, understanding and learning about nature. From the forest floor to the tree crowns, the trees can be studied and experienced very close and at eye level.

The top of the Forest Tower reaches 135 meters above sea level, and is the highest point available on Zealand. From the top you can see more than 25 km beyond the beautiful South Zealand nature. If you look north, in clear weather you will see the Øresund Bridge, Turning Torso in Malmö and parts of the Copenhagen skyline including Bella Sky and Ørsted Works.

Camp Adventure is located close to Zealand's highest point Kobanke and the terrain is generally hilly and varied between fields, contiguous forest areas and smaller villages. The landscape is characterized by the many manor houses located in the area, which have put their visible traces by both cultivating the fields, having forestry and being historical cultural carriers. The Forest Tower thus enjoys a long cultural-historical development in both managing and communicating nature.

The 45 meter tall Forest Tower, situated in one of Gisselfeld Kloster's forests, offers a 360 degree view over the beautiful southern Zealand nature. The Forest Tower is built with corten steel and local oak.

Our guide will be Martin Iskau from Arup. He is one of those bright minds that made this tower possible.

Practical informaton:

This is a family friendly event so we will walk slowly and talk about structure, while our futere little engineers running freely around.

The walk to the Forest Tower and back is 3,2 km. long. It runs via two different boardwalks, both of which are 900 meters long. The trip up (and down) along the helical ramp in the Forest Tower is 650 meters. The platform around the top of the Forest Tower is 100 meters long.

Arrive not later than 9:30 to the place, if you want to have an easy accessible parking spot.

Please note, that it costs 50 DKK per vehicle to park at Camp Adventure.

There will be vegetarian sandwiches shared on top of the tower for everyone who made it to the top, however eating is only allowed in the courtyard, in the garden or in the stable café.

Bring your own drinks and lots of smiles!

  • When

    22. sep. 2019 10:00 - 13:00
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  • Registration Deadline

    15. sep. 2019 - 23:55

  • Organizer

    Hillerød Afdeling, IDA Nordsjælland

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