Get a good start in your career

Get a good start in your career
For students and newly graduates only. The first full time job is for many the beginning of a new chapter.

You’ve started your first job and maybe it doesn´t quite live up to your expectations, maybe you feel like you are missing out on something due to lack of milestones or visible development or maybe you have the feeling, that you haven't really cracked the code on how to take charge of your own career/worklife. If you can relate to some of this - or simular thoughts - you've have come to the right place! 

During this event we will take you through for what and how you can use your manager, how you take responsibility for your career/worklife and steer it in direction you want - based on your strengths, skills and interests. A career is not a linear path. It’s more like a metro map, with several lines and different ways to get around. We will give you some concrete advise so you are able to decide when its time for you to stay, move or shift lanes.

The seminar will be facilitated by two of IDAs career advisers, and it will be a mixture of theory and tools. It is our experience, that the best output of the workshops is, when our participants comment, ask questions and are getting involved. So we hope, that you will do the same.

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The seminar is part of our "From Uni to job" universe and this one is targeted graduates who is in their first job and completed their studies within the last two years. You can get an overview of our workshops and sign up here

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    7. nov. 2023 08:30 - 09:30
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    Webinar - In front of your pc/tablet/phone

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    6. nov. 2023 - 23:59

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