Escape Room

Escape Room
Help IDA find a cure and save the world  in the unique Outbreak Escape Room, at the heart of Copenhagen.

In a top secured lab, a deadly epidemic has escaped by accident and killed the international science team. The neighboring region, where you are located, is quarantined and you have 75 minutes to explore the secret laboratory, finish the cure and stop the spread. It’s going to be a race against time, and if you don’t find a cure when the time is over, the military will bomb and terminate the entire quarantine zone and all life within, to definitively stop the epidemic.

Each room will have a team of 6 people, all collaborating and solving the mystery together.

  • When

    13. mar. 2019 17:30 - 19:30
  • Where

    Escape Room by MidGaar Event, Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 København Ø

  • Registration Deadline

    12. mar. 2019 - 23:55

  • Organizer

    Kurser for studerende

  • Event Number