Digital play: How Play Design can lift IT to new levels

Digital play: How Play Design can lift IT to new levels
New digital experiences and services are constantly being developed, and designing playfully has become an integral part of this development. This workshop is an introduction to the field of Play Design and digital play!

This workshop is an introduction to Play Design, and how it, or parts of it, can be used in your work. The workshop will strengthen your skillset in the design of digital artefacts. The perspective of play can be used in many different ways to create new and exciting modes of engagement with products and artefacts.

Miguel Sicart, associate professor and lecturer IT University of Copenhagen, is the speaker for this workshop. He will introduce both theory and small exercises for working with play theory in digital design.


Workshop program:

Introduction to play theory – 20 minutes
In this part of the workshop, I will introduce the concept of play, its importance, and analyse some examples of interesting forms of play.

Exercise – explorations of play – 10 minutes
In this part, participants will have the opportunity to explore in practice some of the ideas presented in the introduction.

Play theory and play design – 30 minutes
In this part I will apply the ideas of play to the process of design, paying special attention to the design of digital play.

Exercise – explorations of play – 10 minutes
In this part participants will apply what they have learnt in the last session to rethink digital experiences from the perspective of play.

The importance of play – 20 minutes + Q&A
In this part, I will present a broader picture of the importance of play for the design of digital experiences.


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