DesignOps in Agile Teams with CPHUX & IDA Design and Innovation

DesignOps in Agile Teams with CPHUX & IDA Design and Innovation
Join us at the "DesignOps in Agile teams" event with CPHUX and IDA Design and Innovation, where we'll explore how design practice fits into the agile product development.

We're continuing the tradition of doing events in collaboration between CPHUX & IDA Design and Innovation. The theme this time is DesignOps, where we'll explore how design practice fits into the agile product development. 


18.00-18.30: Welcome, food & networking

18.30-18.45: Presentation of CPHUX and IDA 

18.45-19.05: Unleashing Innovation: How DesignOps Turbocharges Agile Teams 
by Martin Kuzmanov Sandholt, Head of Design at Growblocks

This talk delves into the integration of DesignOps within Agile teams, aiming to bridge operational efficiencies with Agile’s adaptability and customer-centric principles. It starts by defining Agile methodologies and DesignOps, setting the stage for a discussion on their convergence for improved collaboration, efficiency, and product outcomes. The presentation highlights the challenges design teams face in Agile environments and how DesignOps offers solutions by streamlining operations and fostering better collaboration between designers, developers, and stakeholders. It covers the strategic implementation of DesignOps processes and tools, the introduction of new roles, and the benefits of this integration, including enhanced efficiency, product quality, and scalability.

The talk is enriched with case studies and best practices, concluding with a look into the future of DesignOps in Agile teams.

19.05-19.25: DesignOps in Action: Streamlining UX Projects with Story Points
by Hira Sameer Ahmed, UX Designer at DFDS

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of DesignOps within Agile teams, where the magic of creativity meets the precision of data-driven methodologies!

At DFDS, we are committed to fostering a culture of balance, quality, and efficiency in our design endeavors. Ensuring our design projects are not only top-notch but also stress-free, to support this mission, we have developed UX story points model. This model, grounded in real-time data analysis, allows us to accurately estimate the effort required for various design projects within our organization. By providing a structured framework for assessing UX project complexity, it enables us to effectively allocate resources and ensure a manageable workload for our team members.

Ultimately, our goal is to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and maintain a high standard of work while promoting a healthy work-life balance.

​19:25-19:45: BREAK 😉 Go stretch those legs and get a drink 🚰

19.45-20.05: DesignOps and Accessibility in Agile Teams: Building Inclusive Products for All
​​by Neer Thapa, Creative Technologist, Nordea 

Today's digital landscape is evolving rapidly. Creating inclusive, accessible products is more crucial than ever. This is true regardless of one's background or ability. This topic highlights the importance of ensuring that digital products are accessible to users of all abilities. The talk explores how DesignOps practices can streamline the design process, foster collaboration, and ultimately lead to the creation of inclusive products, where Agile teams can deliver products that resonate with diverse user needs, fostering positive and inclusive user experiences for all.

20.05-20.25: Productifying  DesignOps: A Laerdal Approach 
by Hector Mejia, Design Manager, Laerdal Medical

This is a relaxed and informal show & tell of how Laerdal is productifying DesignOps as a strategy to position the ops efforts in the organization’s roadmap while keeping the focus on delivering value and impact to designers (and non-designers alike) and ultimately support the mission of helping save lives.

- Producty-what? That is exactly the question we were hoping for! Join this discussion to maybe, just maybe, get a bit of an answer. 

20.25-21.00: Panel with community questions from Slido

21.00-21.30: Thank you for tonight & networking 


You can use the app slido to ask and upvote questions for the speaker.

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Martin Kuzmanov Sandholt, Head of Design, Growblocks
Martin is a tech and design innovator, specializing in merging DesignOps with Agile to enhance team collaboration and product quality. With a rich background in both software development and design, he will showcase best practices for his work at Momondo/Kayak and Trustpilot.  

Hira Sameer Ahmed, UX Designer at DFDS
Being a naturally curious person, Hira is passionate about understanding what motivates and drives human behavior. She find it quite interesting to translate that knowledge into creating impactful design solutions that not only answer the user's needs but also bring immense value to both customers and the businesses.

Her passion for nature and art is reflected in her work and personal life, where she enjoys spending quality time with her family and expressing herself through painting.
Hira is an avid reader which inspires her in her daily life and activism. Psychology is her top area of interest to read. If she wasn't a UX designer, she would have been a Therapist. Or a Painter.

Neer Thapa, Creative Technologist, Nordea
Neer is a creative technologist with passion for UX design and accessibility with background in frontend development. As a certified accessibility professional, Neer is dedicated to advocating for inclusivity and ensuring that digital products are accessible to everyone. Outside the realm of pixels and code, she finds solace in exploring fantastical realms and embarking on thrilling adventures with role-playing games. 

Hector Mejia, Design Manager, Laerdal Medical
Colombian design leader with a blend of Interaction Design (MFA, Umeå Institute of Design) and Mechatronics Engineering (BA, Universidad Autónoma de Occidente), education. Currently spearheading the design discipline at Laerdal's Danish office. Hector brings over a decade of industry experience, including a 3-year stint at Laerdal's HQ in Norway. He was promoted to a managerial role in 2022, a position he has held since. A self-declared futurist, Hector focuses on fusing a multi-disciplinary, outcome-driven approach to design. His emphasis? Amplifying design's organizational impact while preserving that all-important human connection in leadership.



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    8. apr. 2024 18:00 - 21:30
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    IDA Conference., Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, 1530 København V

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