Cultural Workshop

Cultural Workshop
Do you want to know about culture at workplace and negotiations? Join us for an interactive workshop where you get important tools to tackle workplace cultural conflicts and find ways to ace negotiations. There will be a competition with exciting prizes!

The webinar is aimed towards students who want to improve their understanding on cultural differences and sensitivities in a professional setting. Due to a more globalized world, it has become more important to have a higher cultural quotient and be culturally intelligent. As engineers, we would find ourselves working with multicultural teams and negotiating with international companies. With culture, comes conflict, but with conflict comes resolutions. This workshop will help participants in understanding the root of cultural conflicts and how to resolve them using tools. The workshop will also help participants understand how negotiations work and learn methods that will help one reach to the best possible agreement.  

By the end of the 2-day workshop, participants will 

  • Have an overall understanding of importance of culture in business setting. 
  • Understand How conflict arise. 
  • Be able to figure out how these conflicts can be possibly resolved using relevant tools. 
  • Understand key concepts behind negotiations. 
  • Be able to carry out simple negotiations in a group setting. 

Day 1: 6th March 2021        Timing: 12:00-14:30

Day 2: 7th March 2021        Timing: 12:00-14:30

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    From: 6. mar. 2021 - 12:00 To: 7. mar. 2021 - 14:30
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    4. mar. 2021 - 23:55

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    Kurser for studerende

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