CopenX Realities 2020

CopenX Realities 2020
CopenX and IDA brings you a four day digital exploration of immersive technologies and their future impact on business, social and cultural structures.
Focus in 2020 
Industry insights, panels and discussions from leading experts over four different days

The main focus of CopenX Realities is how Virtual and Augmented Reality, as well as related technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will impact existing business, social and cultural structures. The real promise of Immersive Technologies is to change human connection.

The coming immersive storm, so to speak, will significantly alter the landscape of every industry from the military to healthcare, entertainment, gaming, education, fashion, and business just to name a few. In fact, there will be little in the way of life and society untouched by Immersive technologies. 

This year, we have chosen to focus mainly on four tracks: Extended Realities, Training & Simulation, Digital Transformation & Virtual Beings and Creative & Storytelling. We want to go into depth with the present possibilities, future use and challenges, to give participants a variety of insights and perspectives on the specific topic of interest. 

Confirmed speakers:
  • Matt Miesnieks, CEO at 6D.AI and Advisor at Niantic, INC
  • Robert Scoble, Founder of Scobleizer INC
  • Urho Konttori, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Varjo 
  • Timmy Ghuirau, Lead Virtual Experiences and XR Research at Volvo Cars 
  • Ksenia Avetisova, Head of Enhanced Reality CoE at TietoEVRY 
  • Magnus Rudling, Business Director at Vobling and Bublar Group Enterprise
  • Annastina Haapasaari, Project Manager at the Finish National Opera & Ballet

About CopenX Realities 

CopenX Realities provides cutting-edge insights into the latest developments in the XR industry with keynotes, summits and an expo filled with first-movers, executive leaders and opinion-makers from the industry. At CopenX we are in search of in-depth knowledge in order to qualify the conversation about the present and future use of immersive technologies.

CopenX was founded in 2016 by Therkel Sand Therkelsen and the first CopenX Realities was held in September 2016 at Papirøen, Copenhagen. In 2020, CopenX Realities will proceed as a digital event, due to the conditions caused by the global pandemic. The event unfolds over four different days with an exclusive focus on XR technologies, and includes exciting presentations, discussions and panel debates by keynote speakers.

Please note that CopenX Realities will be livestreamed on the CopenX website and social media channels and not by IDA.
You can sign up for the event by filling out the registration form at CopenX website:

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  • When

    From: 15. dec. 2020 - 09:00 To: 18. dec. 2020 - 19:00
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    Webinar foran din egen pc, tablet, smartphone

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    14. dec. 2020 - 23:59

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    IDA Fremtidsteknologi

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