Conversations with the Future: Foredrag med klodens mest spændende techblogger Nikola Danaylov

Kom og mød en af klodens mest spændende og aktuelle debattører og forfattere, Nikola Danaylov, til et helt unikt foredrag, og vær med til at diskutere den teknologiske verdenssituation lige fra konkret AI til vild transhumanisme.

Oplægsholder denne aften er Nikola Danaylov. Foredrag og debat er på engelsk.

Der er lagt op til et enestående arrangement, som ikke kommer igen lige med det samme.


The word “symposium” comes from Ancient Greece where it meant an evening party with food and drinks. During the party, however, important topics such as technology, ethics, politics, aesthetics, law, religion, friendship, and love were discussed so that hopefully, at the end of the night, each participant left with new insights of the topic.

Join us for a beer and a unique evening symposium with Nikola Danaylov – also known as “Socrates” - to discuss topics such as exponential technology, accelerating change, artificial intelligence and ethics.

Nikola is of the strong belief that we can attain insights by asking challenging questions in the company of good people, gathered within an open, informal and interactive symposium. On this evening you can come to examine the questions, search for your answers, challenge, be challenged and, ultimately, give birth to your own ideas about AI and other advanced technologies.

Nikola will start by sharing some of his own views on: Why Technology is Not Enough; the Dangers of Being Exponential; Why the World is Transformed by Asking Questions; Why Technology is the "How", not the "Why" or the "What", Why The Future is Vegan and Why Technology is a Magnifying Mirror.

Who is Nikola Danaylov?

Nikola Danaylov is an Author, Futurist and Speaker. His book “Conversations with the Future” is an International Bestseller and he runs a popular Singularity.FM podcast.

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  • When

    6. nov. 2018 19:00 - 21:00
  • Where

    IDA Conference., Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, 1530 København V

  • Registration Deadline

    5. nov. 2018 - 23:59

  • Organizer

    IDA Fremtidsteknologi

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