CANCELLED - Cinema and storytelling

CANCELLED - Cinema and storytelling
Why are Hollywood movies so successful? Let's start a journey into the structure of the movies you watch, into the magic realm of cinema and storytelling with Marco Germinario, creative and writer who attended the prestigious Tisch School of Art.

The purpose of the lecture is to give insight into the theories, methods and techniques that are used to interpret the cinematographic language in the modern Blockbuster film world.

Walt Disney said that his goal was to create a story that moves the part of the human spirit, which remains the same despite of age, gender and race. He claimed this is a magical part, which we all possess.

We will be going through a structured analysis of the modern Hollywood films, to figure out what this magical part of the human spirit is, and why such films so often affects our common consciousness. We will discover that our lives are metaphorically integrated into the films.

Over the course of this hour, I will illustrate some of these fundamental cinematic effects used in the construction of a story. The type of effects that trigger certain emotions in us humans. These elements includes a schematic process, which creates the convincing story, the three-acts structure, archetype, the combination of colors, the importance of conflict and unhappiness. Empathy for the characters, as well as the concept “myth” by Joseph Campbell, the hero’s journey and more.

Tea and coffee will be available at the event.

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    18. mar. 2019 18:00 - 19:00
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    August Krogh Bygningen, Universitetsparken 13, 2100 København Ø

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    15. mar. 2019 - 23:55

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    Kurser for studerende

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