Charismatic behavior & leadership - Create drive and followership. ENGLISH WILL BE SPOKEN!

Charismatic behavior & leadership - Create drive and followership. ENGLISH WILL BE SPOKEN!
As humans, we instinctively gravitate towards charismatic individuals who exude warmth and understanding while being present. Therefore, charisma is an essential quality. But how do you learn to be charismatic? Come and get learning and some tricks!

How do you learn to be charismatic? 

Many people believe it's impossible, that it's a magical personality trait some people are simply born with. However, like many other human qualities, charisma is something we can learn. Just like we learned to calculate in math.  

During the evening Trine Thorsen from MB & Partners will be our teacher and guide you through lots of facts and learning. There will also be refreshments, sandwiches and soft drinks, coffee/tea.  

The training in charismatic behavior and leadership is designed for the professional individual who wants to understand the underlying mechanisms of communication and who wishes to gain an advantage in conversations, meetings, and interactions in the workplace. 

But can one learn to be charismatic and become the informal leader of a room? Yes, it is actually possible, and we will teach you how in this workshop. 

Today, it's not just about having the title of "leader," but about ensuring strong collaborations and the desire to achieve more together. 

What will you learn? 

The three fundamental traits of charisma (power, warmth, and presence) are largely reflected in our body language and mindset. The three main topics are based on the latest research psychology and communication, and during the day we will discuss and answer the following:

Power: How do you make an impact in a room and assert your presence as a natural authority, solely through body language and vocal expression? 

Warmth: How do you ensure that your audience knows that you have their best interets at heart and that you are there for them, regardless of their situation and challenges? 

Presence: How do you stay focused on your audience and ensure that they don't feel like you have a million other things to do today? 

In the training, we focus on how to reach the right mental state to achieve effective body language. Charismatic behavior is about creating personal attraction, and therefore, you will also learn to understand the behavior of others. 

When you’ve completed this workshop, you’ll be able to:  

  • Understand what charisma is and recognize charismatic behaviour.  
  • Learn how to build charismatic habits through tangible tools and techniques. 
  • Overcome personal barriers to achieving charisma.  
  • Understand the connection between charisma and great relations.  
  • Ensure intrinsic motivation within informal groups or formal teams.  
  • Acquire tools to continue working with charisma after this learning experience is over.  

The training is structured around a thorough review of relevant theory and is supplemented with exercises and case discussions. Here, you will gain practical experience with charismatic leadership in a safe space, enabling you to apply it directly in your own everyday life. 

Please note that there will be a no show fee (300 DKK), if no cancellation is given.  

About your teacher:  

Since 2011, MB & Partners has been providing training to leaders, consultants, and university students on how to communicate with charisma, build positive relationships, and strengthen personal leadership. MB & Partners regularly conducts training sessions in organizations such as Novo Nordisk, Arla, Dansk Standard, and MOE Artelia Group, as well as at universities like

DTU, CBS, and Aarhus University. Trine holds a Master's degree in Business Administration (Psychology) from Copenhagen Business School and is a certified coach from Sophie Manning. Trine firmly believes that practical tools coupled with solid theory are essential

for effective learning and teaching. 

More information available at:

If you have any further questions, please contact the organizer Britta Mejer Kristensen on 22680240

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    26. okt. 2023 17:00 - 20:30
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    11. okt. 2023 - 23:55

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