Challenges of working in a foreign country

Challenges of working in a foreign country
This is a unique opportunity for both Danish and international engineers working or studying in Denmark to hear both sides of the story.
“We all think we’re normal until we live in another country” - Keri Bloomfield

This is a unique opportunity for both Danish and international engineers working or studying in Denmark to hear both sides of the story. Authors Keri Bloomfield and Anna Eckhoff join together to share their stories and journeys of working abroad - both as a Dane working abroad and as an international working in Denmark.
The event will be of particular interest to Danes thinking about working abroad, internationals working in Denmark as well as for those wishing to best navigate international working relationships.

Your benefit
We hope you can join us for this session and hear the fascinating stories from our two guest speakers as they share their insights of experiencing both different cultures, working environments and the challenge of returning home again.
You will also have the opportunity to continue the conversation with other attendees and hear about their experiences. 

- Welcome by Brit Egedal, IDA Process
- Introduction by Keri Bloomfield
- Challenges of working outside Denmark by Anna Eckhoff 
  • Why she decided to change career and leave Denmark and the challenges she faced with the family and the development of new professional skills to get a new job abroad,
  • Her experience of working in countries with a different culture, behavior, special clothing demands, challenging security environment, and limited opportunities for integration with the local population,
  • The professional challenges of working in a foreign country and ensuring the organisation’s compliance with the country’s laws and directives, and a sound foundation for a working environment without corruption. 
- Break with refreshments & sandwiches

- Challenges of working in Denmark by Keri Bloomfield 
  • The reality of moving to Denmark as a Non-EU citizen including immigration obligations, language obligations as well as what it is that internationals find challenging about living in Denmark.
  • Her journey of finding her place in Denmark
  • And her decision to ‘make it count’ which resulted in publishing her book ‘Nothing Like a Dane.’
- Reflections on moving back to Denmark by Anna Eckhoff
- Networking - Coffee or a glass of vine 
- Group discussion  Your chance to ask Anna and Keri anything you like about the reality of working abroad or working in Denmark as an international and to share your own experiences.
- Closure by Brit Egedal, IDA Process

About the speakers
Keri Bloomfield, a witty observer of cultural nuances, will share her story of moving from New Zealand to Denmark with her Danish partner and their (then) four month old daughter.  Her book ‘Nothing Like a Dane’ was released in Denmark in August 2022 and has been described as 'a book that has not been written before' and “A truly accurate depiction of the first year living in Denmark. A must-read for anyone planning on moving to the country, anyone who moved to Denmark, and even for Danes to see the other side of a foreigner's experience“. It shares the honest reality of trying to fit into a new culture. Known for her humorous yet heartfelt stories of finding her way in Denmark Keri will share her journey and learnings (so far) in Denmark.

Anna Eckhoff is a Dane and author of ‘A New Beginning - Life on the Frontlines’.  She will tell the story of how she left her family, job, and country (Denmark) at the age of 56 to start a new life living for over 15 years in different countries in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Through her new career in humanitarian hotspots, she worked with internationals and local people from different countries and with many different cultures. Her book "A new beginning -Life on the Frontlines’ is also published in Danish under the name ‘Sporskifte et liv i verdens brændpunkter’ and was released in October 2022.  

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    26. okt. 2023 17:00 - 20:00
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    IDA Conference., Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, 1530 København V

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    24. okt. 2023 - 23:59

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    IDA Proces

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