Celebrating the 100th year anniversary of J.N. Brønsted’s article on acids and bases

Celebrating the 100th year anniversary of J.N. Brønsted’s article on acids and bases
J.N. Brønsted was a remarkable scientist known worldwide for his groundbreaking work on acids and bases. In 1923 he published his article "EINIGE BEMERKUNGEN ÜBER DEN BEGRIFF DER SÄUREN UND BASENS".

Johannes Brønsted (1879-1947) was professor in physical chemistry at University of Copenhagen from 1908 to 1947. Brønsted worked within chemical affinity, reaction rates, isotopes, electrolytic solutions and acid-base theory. He is recognized worldwide for his acid-base concept (identical to the acid-base concept of Lowry). During the period 1908-1930 he was, in addition, employed as a manager of the neighbouring Physico-Chemical Laboratory of the Polytechnic Institute of Copenhagen. 

Department of Chemistry at the Technical University of Denmark & Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen have arranged a small symposium to honor the 100 year anniversary of Brønsted’s important work on acids and bases. The history of Brønsted’s research in general and the acid-base concept in particular will be presented. In addition, the two departments will present examples of novel research that builds on Brønsted’s discovery.   


18:00-18:10 Welcome (Pernille Harris and Erling Stenby)

18:10-18:30 Brønsted and physical chemistry in Denmark (Helge Kragh)

18:30-18:50 Acids, bases, and acid/base catalysis: The Brønsted relation - From J.N. Brønsted og T.M. Lowry < 1923 and onwards (Jens Ulstrup)

18:50-19:15 Break - sandwiches are served

19:15-19:35 Predicting acid/base strengths (Jan Halborg Jensen)

19:35-19:55 Zeolites – the solid acids that changed our life forever (Søren Kegnæs)

19:55-20:00 Closing

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  • When

    7. dec. 2023 18:00 - 20:00
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    IDA Conference, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, 1780 København V

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    4. dec. 2023 - 23:55

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    IDA Kemi

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