C.C Jensen Interactive Webinar

C.C Jensen Interactive Webinar
The webinar is aimed engineering students who would like to understand how industrial products and parts work in reality. The idea of the webinar is to provide as much practicality as possible with the online resources available.

By the end of the webinar, the participants shall:

  • Have an overall understanding of how oil filters work
  • Understand the concept of oil contamination and importance of clean oil
  • Know how to market oil filters to different industries based on their needs
  • Enhance team work and coordination skills across studies (GBE and mechanical engineering)


Contents of the webinar:

Day 1: 20th April 2020

Part 1 of the webinar:

  • The presentation would include the following topics:
  • Basic Tribologi and the importance of clean oil.
  • Contamination – What happens with the oil, the additives and the machinery.
  • Learn to dimension a CJC® HDU Filter for gear/hydraulic applications.

Duration: 90 minutes with no breaks.

Part 2 of the webinar:

All the participants are given a case on one of the oil filters manufactured by CC Jensen. The case would contain the following. The case can be explained by the speaker/contributor of the webinar, and the case file will be sent to all the participants beforehand from the IDA mailing list.

  • Details about the filter and a general overview on how it works
  • Where is the filter supposed to be installed
  • What are the maintenance requirements for the filter
  • Flaws of the filter (the filter provided in the case doesn’t necessarily have to be a real filter, it can also be a filter design that was in development by CC Jensen, but was scraped off due to technical flaws. Flaws are a bit more important in this situation, as these are the basis of the tasks that the participants must complete.)
  • Which companies are the filters targeted towards and which country is it going to be marketed to. These could be CC Jensen’s current partners or companies that CC Jensen is trying to expand their reach to.
  • Calculating a business case
  • Description of critical systems
  • Dimensioning and recommendation of CJC® Filter.

After all the explanations have been given in the second part of the webinar, participants will now work on the following task in breakout rooms:

  • Provide ideas of how the flaws can be improved for a better functioning oil filter in the given situation
  • Create a brief marketing plan as to how the oil filter could be marketed to a specific company focusing on their core needs. How should CC Jensen approach this particular company?

The participants are given the rest of the day to work on the assigned task and come up with rough solutions, and a short presentation of their analysis and finding.


Day 2: 22nd April 2021

  • Participant give the presentation to the speakers/ judges from CC Jensen who will now assess which solution improvement and business strategy would be viable in terms of the filter in question. The presentation would be a short 5 minute pitch
  • By the end of the presentation, the speakers can choose a winning team, and they will be sent a gift/prize from IDA. Other participants will receive an online certificate of participation.



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