Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast – a deep dive

Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast – a deep dive
A follow-up seminar where the experts dive into the details. Meet Nick Hunn from Bluetooth, Vincent Hagen from Nordic semiconductor and Sven Lundbech from Tech Advisory.

It is also possible to attend the event online. If you wish to watch online instead, please sign up at event ID: 349905

IDA-E started out in February with a first introduction to Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast introducing the audience to how the hearing aid industry has changed the fundamentals in the Bluetooth protocol. A change that opened up to a new future within connectivity for hearing impaired.   

The key changes are improved sound quality, low latency, long battery life, connectivity to multimedia devices and not least the broadcast functionality. These functionalities are groundbreaking for hearing impaired but now getting high focus for normal hearing applications as well. 

It is predicted that most new electronic platforms in PC’s, tablet’s, TV’s and smartphones will have it latest 2024. Moreover 2023 is expected to be the year where we go from few to many devices having LE Audio and Auracast functionality.   

IDA-E are inviting you for a deep dive seminar with lectures from experts in the field to give you enough insight to understand how the protocols and hardware works. The aim is to provide you tangible insight on how to get started and what it takes to go to the market with the first products.   

Nick Hunn, chairman of the HAP working group within Bluetooth, will provide a detailed insight into the protocols and how LE Audio and Auracast works. This will include what to consider when developing features and products.  

Vincent Hagen, Nordic Semiconductor, will provide a practical introduction to the hardware and how to get the first features alive and talk about how you get started in the lab. 

Sven Lundbech has a long track record within the field and will provide us an overview of certifications needed and EN standards to use.

The seminar will be in English due to the speakers.  

14.00-14.05 Welcome and introduction

14.05-15.35 Nick Hunn. How the LE Audio and Auracast works 

15.35-15.50 Break 

15.50-17.20 Vincent Hagen. How to get started with hardware for LE Audio and Auracast 

17.20-17.35 Break 

17.35-17.55 Sven Lundbech. How to get products compliant with regulation 

17.55-18.00 Wrap up  

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    7. jun. 2023 14:00 - 18:00
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    IDA Mødecenter, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, København

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    5. jun. 2023 - 12:00

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    IDA E

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