AM Summit 2024

AM Summit 2024
Join the largest AM conference in Scandinavia and experience keynote speakers that are globally recognized thinkers, makers, and creators on subjects concerning AM, design, innovation & production sustainability.
The conference is for everyone who is interested in the newest trends and development within 3D print/AM technology (Additive Manufacturing).

Experience keynote speakers that are globally recognized thinkers, makers, and creators on subjects concerning AM, design, innovation & production sustainability.

Join the many break-out sessions, which this year entails several major stages that will power through on cases regarding tangible applications in different sectors – all in the intersection between manufacturing, innovation, and sustainability.

Network with hundreds of peers and connect with experts that we will handpick for you.

Get to know more about the Danish AM Startup scene, see pitches from the frontline of Danish product innovation and gain valuable knowledge.

Good advice is not something you can get enough of, and there will be plenty of great advice at AM Summit from 75 exhibitors leading the change in how we design, develop, and produce so we can reduce, reuse, and recycle

Meet the speakers:
At AM Summit you get the chance to hear and meet Danish experts and speakers from from around the world:
  • Beth Rattner, Biomimicry Institute - about how human design can better emulate and embody nature's design
  • Dr. Karsten Heuser, Siemens AG - a global thought leader in the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing
  • Jake Miller, Marvel Labs - about creating sustainable and stunning products from biomass waste
  • Jason Lopes, Giant Studios - about bridging skills with Visual Effects and Animation with Additive Manufacturing
  • Kristoffer Ryelund Nielsen, Teknologigisk Institut - about identifying relevant use cases for 3D printing 
  • Mandaná Moshiri, Lego Group - about metal additive manufacturing research and development of materials and technologies
  • Robin Simsa, Revo Foods - about new production technologies for complex meat alternatives with 3D Food Printing

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  • When

    24. okt. 2024 09:00 - 16:30
  • Where

    Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, 1700 København

  • Registration Deadline

    23. okt. 2024 - 23:59

  • Organizer

    IDA Fremtidsteknologi

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