Ada Lovelace Day 2023

Ada Lovelace Day 2023
On October 10th we celebrate the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with an annual Ada Lovelace Day.

'Arrangement der ikke kræver forhåndskendskab' / 'Event that does not require prior knowledge'

IDA IT and Dansk IT have joined forces in creating an interesting Ada Lovelace Day as a celebration of all the amazing women working in Tech, which are working hard every day on making the world a better place, but are sometimes a bit unknown or hidden in larger circles.

We would like to invite you to an event, where we celebrate our joy for STEM with good stories and debates. The event takes place at 3Shape in Copenhagen on October 10th at 17.00-20.00 and it's open for members of IDA, Dansk IT and others that might have an interest in increasing the diversity within Tech, digitalisation and computation as a whole.

The program will be consisting of 4 presentations, a panel discussion and later followed by networking with some tapas and wine for the occassion.


16.40: Doors open.

17.00: Presentation of the program by moderator Michael Ørnø, Director, Statens It

17.10: “Become the inspiration you see is missing” by speaker Mette Luxhøj, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Software, 3Shape

17.30: An Act of Sevice; or why Tech is the ultimate field for people who care about people” by speaker Clara Behrmann, Senior Engineering Manager, Pleo.

17.50: Is Sustainable IT just another brief “love affair” in IT?” by speaker Nanna Vangkilde, Founder, Green Vision IT.

18:10: “AI in education” by speaker Sine Zambach, Assistant professor, Copenhagen Business School.

18.30: 15 min break

18.45: Panel discussion: Women, IT, and the future.

Panel: Laura Klitgaard (Chairperson, IDA), Clara Behrmann, Nanna Vangkilde, Mette Luxhøj, Sine Zambach.

Moderator: Michael Ørnø, Director, Statens It.

19.30-20.30: Tapas, wine and networking

The event will be in English.

We hope you will join us in the celebration.

We have a maximum capacity for 150 ppl., so please be mindful of the others, IF you are for some reason not able to participate, do cancel your participation, so we can offer the seat to someone else. We want to make sure we don't end up with a lot of food waste, due to no shows.

More information about the speakers:

Mette Luxhøj, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Software at 3Shape

Mette holds a M.Sc. degree, specialized within the area of digital health, medical device development, legislation, and regulatory strategies. Chairperson for the Expert group on AI in Medtech Denmark (Medicoindustrien). Active for many years in the EU Commission, MDCG groups on New Technologies and International Matters, both as delegate for the Danish Medicines Agency and later industry representative as Chair of the Software Working Group in MedTech Europe and currently FIDE. Board member, Association of the Danish Dental Industry. University lecturer and speaker at MedTech conferences.

Clara Behrmann, Senior Engineering Manager, Pleo

Clara studied Computer Science for love and money. Money because she'd grown up poor. Love because she'd met this person, she'd like to spend more time with. She didn't really know anything about computers. But pride made her stay, perseverance turned into a genuine care for the field. After completing her studies, she realised that helping people and products succeed was her happy place. So she turned from developing to product management, and then found her true calling managing people and teams. She's been doing that for 5+ years, currently at Pleo, a Danish FinTech company. - And the person she wanted to spend more time with? They are happily married.

Nanna Lumholt Vangkilde, Founder Green Vision IT

Nanna has worked as an IT Leader and People Leader. Nanna is also a keynote speaker, a panelist, a roundtable facilitator and participant and Podcast participant. Additionally, Nanna has worked with solution architecture, IT architecture, domain architecture and Enterprise Architecture in both national and international companies. Nanna is also the founder of Green Vision IT, striving to stimulate a fully committed approach to reduce CO2 caused by how technology is bought, developed, and run in organizations today. Nanna believes that sustainable changes require concrete actions. These actions are achievable for anyone who is fully dedicated to contributing to decarbonization, and this is what Green Vision IT is all about. The mission for Green Vision IT is to make IT greener.

Sine Zambach, Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School

Sine holds a PhD degree in computer science and a master degree in bioinformatics. She has worked within data analysis in the educational sector, genetics and in a book publishing company. Her focus is on artificial intelligence and machine learning in the educational sector. She is a part of interuniversity collaboration project and collaborating with DTU and KU and ITU.

Laura Klitgaard, Chairperson, IDA

Master of Engineering Laura Klitgaard is Chairperson of IDA. She has a broad background and experience from both the private and public sector. She has been an active IDA member for many years, for instance in the executive committee and IDA Northern Jutland.

Michael Ørnø, Director, Statens It

Since 2010, Michael Ørnø has been the Director of Statens It. He is also chairman of the Danish Data History Association and a member of DANSK IT's board of directors.

  • When

    10. okt. 2023 17:00 - 20:00
  • Where

    3Shape, Niels Juels Gade 13, 1059 København K

  • Registration Deadline

    8. okt. 2023 - 23:55

  • Organizer

    IDA IT

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