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Have your contract reviewed by IDA

Who can have their employment contract checked by IDA?

As a member of IDA, you can have IDA's legal advisers read your contract before you sign it in connection with your new job.

You can get help regardless of whether you have many years of experience in the labour market or whether you are a student or a recent graduate.

When should you have your contract checked?

As a member of IDA, you can of course submit your contract for review when you get a new job.

It is particularly important if: 

  • Your contract lacks information or is difficult to understand.
  • Your contract contains customer clauses or non-competition clauses.
  • You are in doubt about which terms you can negotiate.

In addition, it may be a good idea to have IDA review your contract if your working conditions change significantly, for example if you want to reduce your working hours.

How to prepare for a contract review

If you want to check your contract yourself to see if the basics are in order, you can view IDA's contract guide before you contact IDA.

Go to IDA's contract checklist

Think about whether there are specific questions you would like an answer to - for example, what happens if you have a secondary job, have health challenges or other cirumstances that might affect your employment - questions you want to make sure of before you sign your contract.

When you log in to write to IDA, you will be asked to upload:

  • a digital copy of your contract.
  • Possibly. the company's staff handbook [Personalehåndbog]

Response times for contract review

IDA's legal advisers are always busy reviewing contracts up to the end of the month.

Therefore, make sure you submit your contract as soon as possible.

Do you only need help with salary negotiation in connection with a new job?

If you need help with salary negotiations before you get the contract, you can also get help from IDA.

Log in and contact IDA about salary negotiations

Are you going to be employed abroad?

If you have got a job abroad, in many cases we can also help you review your contract.

Log in and contact IDA about jobs abroad

Contact IDA about employment contracts