Did you know that IDA organizes more than 2700 events each year?

One of the things that makes IDA a truly unique organization are the regional and professional networks that bend every year to make IDA better for all members. IDA's network hosts over 2700 events each year, which you can sign up for.

Looking for something to do next Wednesday?

Maybe you want to learn about storytelling and how to use it in your job search? You can also go to the workshop to learn more about how to use machine learning to solve problems. Does your business want to visit Køge Power Station?

The possibilities are endless, and the three randomly selected events from next week are just a fraction of the events you can find in IDA's event system. There are currently more than 800 events distributed throughout Denmark, which you can sign up for as an IDA member.

Thomas Damkjær Petersen was elected as IDA's chairman two years ago, and he is still deeply impressed by the great commitment made by IDA's grass roots.
"It's great to be chairman of an organization with such dedicated members," he says, explaining:

"Last year, more than 100,000 attendees participated in our events. There are social events that bind IDA together, while the academic events obviously strengthen our knowledge and network. Finally, we have been personally developing courses that help ensure that IDA members are updated in the labor market".

IDA wouldn’t be the same without its volunteers

The event system includes everything from major conferences like Driving IT and Management, strengthening company visits, visits to Stevnsfortet, cinema tours, help with tax, VAT, budgets and accounts, courses in Excel, LaTeX and Photoshop, historical talks about everything from the Transirian Railway to the exclusive post-espionage, coffee tasting, payroll technique, voice training - and absolutely incredibly much more.

Already in 2018 there have been 75 events with +100 participants, and if we count it all, 2700 events are affiliated with IDA.

"IDA wouldn’t be the same without its volunteers. It's easy to say that. When I'm out to talk to other associations, they are losing my nose and mouth that we in IDA can make so many events every year. The involvement and willingness of the activists are completely unique, "praises Thomas Damkjær Petersen.

By 2017, over 62 thousand members were enrolled for the events, and we also count non-members, reaching over 107 thousand. Thus, the event system also helps to show IDA to many other than just IDA members. And there are not just a lot of events in the system. There are also events that are very high quality. In connection with the events, participants give grades from 1 to 10, and in 2017 the average score was 8.9. And there are several good reasons why the members consider the events so positive, says Thomas Damkjær Petersen.

"When members arrange for other members, I often think it provides high quality and satisfaction. There is nobody who knows what interests our members than the members themselves, "he says, continuing:

"At the same time, our events range widely in subjects - but also geographically. There is network and knowledge, whether you live in the big cities or outside them. It is a very important quality for our events. I'm just glad we can support it from the central team. "

Look at the event search engine and see if you can not find an event that suits you!