Cross-Cultural Community Network

The purpose of the Cross-Cultural Community is to facilitate the connection between Danish and international engineers through professional events like conferences, courses, and through social events like movies, tastings, arts and much more.

In the network you will find people with similar interests and a common space where you get to know your peers.

For students and newly graduated engineers, the Cross-Cultural Community network offers the possibility to get to know people already in the job market and to understand the Danish business culture.

Our Cross-Cultural Community is a network that provides you with:

  • Network between Danish and international engineers
  • A professional platform for gathering people with same interests
  • Information regarding IDA benefits, especially to international engineers
  • Social and professional events for growth

Join and more information

Join the network by logging onto My IDA and subscribe to the newsletter under your profile settings.

If you want to know more about IDA and the Cross-Cultural Community, please contact Helle Ekstrøm on