CPH: Science film festival

This year‘s CPH:DOX documentary film festival features an interesting science film programme. Members and future members of IDA get free admission to five screenings.

When CPH:DOX - Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival takes place from 21 April - 2 May 2021, IDA will present the ambitious CPH:SCIENCE programme consisting of 10 international films and a series of live conversations between top researchers in tech and science.

As an IDA-member, you can join up to 5 viewings for free.

The Science programme forms a central pillar of the internationally acclaimed documentary film festival. Research and researchers are in focus CPH:SCIENCE presents films and debates that cover a wide range of themes - from the meteors of the past to the climate solutions of the future. From outer space to the innermost parts of the brain. From artificial intelligence to space research, nuclear power and de-extinction.

Based on documentaries and debates, CPH:SCIENCE will create an understanding of the important role technology and science plays in our everyday lives, and at the same time investigate how technology and knowledge can be used to solve contemporary challenges and find tomorrow's solutions.  

IDA invites members and future members to a series of films and debates. the festival is online, so you can attend from across the country.

See the full programme here.