CPH: Science film festival

As member of IDA, you get free access to the online CPH:SCIENCE programme at the CPH:DOX festival. The programme presents a variety of international films with a focus on technology, climate, and science.

When the online part of CPH: DOX (Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival) goes on the air from 1 April - 10 April 2022, IDA will present the ambitious CPH:SCIENCE programme. The films selected all investigate issues related to technology, digitisation, climate, and science.

As an IDA member, you can get free access to the CPH:SCIENCE online programme of six films. 

The science programme forms a central pillar of the internationally acclaimed documentary film festival. The focus is on research and researchers in a selection of documentaries zooming in on everything from Tik Tok to corona vaccines and circular economy.

Based on documentaries, CPH:SCIENCE seeks to create an understanding of the importance of technology and science in our everyday lives. At the same time, CPH:SCIENCE will investigate how technology and knowledge can be used to solve contemporary challenges and find tomorrow's opportunities.

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Tik Tok, Boom

With more downloads than Facebook or Instagram, Tik Tok has taken the world by storm. But the success story of the Chinese social media so popular with children and teenagers has a dark downside of racism, censorship, anxiety, and ruthless algorithms.

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Going Circular

A thorough and constructive introduction to the fundamentals of a circular economy. Rethinking food production, fashion, energy, construction, and all other aspects of life will be a demanding process. In this documentary, 102-year-old inventor James Lovelock asks us to look to nature’s capacity for recycling in order to rethink our place in the world.

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Photo: The North Drift

The North Drift

A story of rubbish and microplastics, wildlife, and complex ecosystems. Listen to marine biologists, scientists, and a kayaking Inuit for a chance to understand the larger contexts of the Arctic Ocean and Northern Norway’s extraordinary natural beauty.

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How to Survive a Pandemic

From lab researchers to a jab in your shoulder. The rollout of the corona vaccine is a tale of science succeeding where politics fail. For while the Western world has already got the booster shot, the Global South is lagging behind, with corona still a critical societal problem. The corona vaccine has become a new source of inequality, and in ‘How to Survive a Pandemic’, David France unravels the incredible story with unprecedented access to the US side in particular by the scientists and policy makers behind the biggest health science project in human history. A history that we are only just beginning to learn from for the future.

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Into the Ice

180 meters down in a huge hole in the Greenland ice sheet lies the answer to some of the biggest riddles in climate research. Three of the world’s leading glaciologists set out an expedition to seek answers. A film about the fundamental curiosity that drives the word’s best researchers.

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Unseen Skies

With his dual background as a photographer and geographer, American artist Trevor Paglen has expanded the boundaries of the field between contemporary art and research, in a tireless mapping of how technology and surveillance affect us. With his almost psychedelic data visualisations, he turns technology against itself, always with intensely political consequences. And now he is in the midst of launching his most ambitious project yet: sending a satellite into orbit from the Nevada desert. ‘Unseen Skies’ invites us on a field trip with an artist so far ahead of his own time that he can see right through it.

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To claim your tickets to CPH:SCIENCE, click on the link below each film and sign up via mitIDA. Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation mail with instructions for getting access to the film. The ticket is valid for 48 hours within the festival period (April 1-10) after you activate the link.