Share a ride to an IDA-event

Download the Commute for Organisations app and get easy, quick and climate-friendly transport to your next IDA event. You can either apply for a lift or offer a lift yourself - and this applies to all kinds of events in IDA.

Do you feel climate guilt when you drive alone in your car? Or are you unable to come to an IDA event because you don’t have access to a car? IDA's ridesharing app is here to help. Here you can both apply for a lift from another IDA member or offer a free seat in your car when you are going to an IDA event.

How to use the app for IDA's events

1. Download the app here:
App Store - Commute for Organisations
Google Play - Commute for Organisations

OBS! It is important that you choose Commute for Organisations and not just Commute - they can easily be confused.

2. Activate the app with the invitation code you received in the email confirming your participation in the IDA event

3. Log in with your mobile number, after which you will receive an SMS with a code

4. Register as a user with name and address

5. Choose whether you want to offer or find a lift. 
All trips are created separately, so you must create both a trip to the event and a trip home if you either drive or need a lift both ways. 

6. When you as a passenger have been matched with a driver or vice versa, you write together via a chat in the app. This is also where you agree where you will meet and possibly payment to the driver. 

Good trip! We look forward to seeing you at an IDA event and hope that you will enjoy being accompanied by an IDA member.

Which events can I use the app for?

You can use the app for all types of events in IDA. That includes meetings and events in professional and regional networks, network groups, courses, conferences, political committee meetings and general meetings.

How much does it cost me to get a lift?

It is up to the driver whether he or she wants money for the drive. You agree that between you. 

Can I get my gas expenses covered when I give others a lift?

Yes you can. You set a price yourself and agree it with your passenger. This part has nothing to do with IDA, we simply provide the solution.  

Who will I ride with?

You will be riding with someone else who is also going to an IDA event – ​​and possibly to the same event as you.

I have problems with the app, what do I do?

In the app there is an FAQ that may help you. Otherwise, don't hesitate to write to or call +45 40 500 720 

Why we offer a ridesharing solution

At IDA, we are happy about the enormous commitment that our members show, which is reflected in our approx. 2000 annual events. Many of these are in-person events and require transportation in some form. Some take public transport, others cycle and some drive their own cars. IDA does not interfere in how you transport yourself from A to B, but our members have wanted a ridesharing solution, and with the app Commute for Organisations, we provide an alternative. 

Our research shows that 82 percent of those who drive to an IDA event like to offer a ride to others. And it makes good sense in terms of the climate – and your network. The drive is an obvious opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with each other, something that can be difficult to achieve at events with many participants and a tight programme.