Cash Benefits

Wind power

You can buy electricity generated by wind farms and receive a 25% discount on your subscription with energy provider Vindstød.

Vindstød gives IDA members a 25% discount on their subscription. This is equivalent to a saving of DKK 12.5 per month. You buy the electricity at Vindstød’s cost price.

Your climate-friendly electricity

Vindstød’s product is completely based on Danish wind turbines, and therefore the electricity declaration is 100% CO2 neutral. The electricity from the wind turbines is added to the grid, since electricity cables cannot be run directly to your door. Instead, Vindstød ensures that its customers’ total electricity consumption matches an equivalent number of certificates of origin from Danish wind turbines. This stimulates production of electricity from renewable energy sources.

Your electricity price

The price you pay for electricity is made up of several different elements.

  • Subscription to Vindstød (DKK 9.38 per month for IDA members).
  • Vindstød’s costs associated with purchasing your electricity (this price varies).
  • Taxes and duties payable to the Danish state and payments to your local grid company.

Please note that you pay for electricity in advance. This means that you have probably already paid subscription, rates, taxes, etc. to your current provider for the current period. You will automatically receive a refund of this from your current provider once the change of provider has been completed. When you change to Vindstød, you will receive an invoice. This covers the first instalment period, which is usually for the next quarter.

  • Go to
  • Enter your customer details.
  • Vindstød will then take care of all the practical issues involved in changing from your current provider. You will not need a new meter or new cables, and everything is automatic.
  • You will receive electricity from Vindstød once the change has been implemented.


If you have any questions about the IDA agreement with Vindstød, you are welcome to contact Vindstød’s dedicated IDA customer service centre on 5055 9914 or at

About Vindstød

Vindstød is a Danish company which was established under the Innovation Environment Scheme and with funding from the Danish state. Today, Vindstø is part of Vattenfall, an energy company known for, among other things, having won the state tender for erection of new offshore wind farms. Vattenfall is wholly owned by the Swedish state and was founded in 1909. Vindstød sells electricity produced by more than 2,500 Danish wind turbines.